Three weeks away from Jakarta and the F&B scene is going crazy rapid! My radar noticed six new restaurants opening that I haven't visited. You know I've mentioned so many times how I love visiting new places, but it's an exception when it comes to travelling, OMG I obviously prefer travelling and breathe that different air, I don't know why but I feel pretty stressed with all the works in town, I really need to change how I see about the city or else I'll be very bored and lost interest about it, it feels like this city is my favorite "eating" and "working" site, and not more than that, but hey, positively thinking, the "eating" part is not bad :""").

When I was away, I saw people posting about this recently opened soba house (as this post is written, it exactly opened one week before) in Pantai Indah Kapuk called Abura Soba Yamatoten. My friends have been raving quite intensely about it and quickly enough, this lands in my "must visit" list by the time I'm back in Jakarta and yes I did it just yesterday!!! Abura Soba Yamatoten is located align the Cake-A-Boo and Mainichi area and the place was actually way smaller than I had in mind (judging from the pics I saw on Instagram), but I heard the second floor construction's on progress.

Currently, probably around or less than 10 tables being occupied with 2-4 seating capacity, the interior was very simply designed and nothing special about the design, it's just the typical proper dining restaurant, somehow since it's quite packed and crowded right now, you kinda have the feeling that you should leave early knowing people are waiting. BTW I was super duper lucky because I arrived at 2:50 and they're closing at 3PM before the next service (I literally have no clue about it) and I was the last customer! YEAY LUCKY MUCH!

Okay, let's just talk about the food. The menu's very limited: 4 types of soupless sobas, 1 rice dish and some side dishes selections. It was an "huff" moment when they're running out of side dishes because I really want to try out their pork, corns and chicken karaage :(. BTW, if you initially think soba is this thin soft noodles usually in greyish or green colour, then you're right, but what some of you don't know is that soba also comes in this jelly-ish, chewy form, and by the way, the texture of the soba here was very lovely! Firm, chewy and just perfectly cooked.

Original Abura Soba
IDR 59k
This is their signature dish as well as current best seller! This original version came with oil and shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) seasoning, and for the toppings: spring onion, bamboo shoot, dried seaweed, sesame seed and roasted pork! As I told you, the consistency of the soba was good and the seasoning was top notch! THE VALUABLE TIPS THAT YOU SHOULD NOTICE is to season the portion with two rounds of Japanese vinegar and chili oil for that lovely foodgasm moment. You get that burst of flavor from the seasoning and I honestly even love it more the fact that I didn't perfectly mix the seasoning, the parts where there are less and more seasoning just personally added the excitement.

PS: it's not recommended to take too long for the photos as the soba quickly drying and it will become sort of sticky.

Karami Ontama Abura Soba
IDR 68k
The spicy version of the original soba and additional soft boiled egg (Onsen Tamago), gotta root for this one and this was my personal fav! The egg gave the creamier texture to the portion and sort of contributing to the neutral thicker milder flavor. DAYUM!

Jya Jya Abura Soba
IDR 68k
For some reasons this reminds me of Korean Jajangmyun, especially since they're using red bean paste sauce too (with choices of minced chicken or pork depending on your preference), but of course this one's Abura Soba Yamatomen's home-cooked. The sauce was clearly the bomb that was such a big role to this dish! I love that sweet-savory-slightly tangy flavor and that creamy texture.
Short to say, I am happy that FINALLY, another decent place to have your meals in Pantai Indah Kapuk! Seriously tired of recommending ramens and ramens all over again like there's not that much out of the world good food in PIK. Was a pleasant lunch and I found myself having no complaints for the food, but the toilet, they should really take care of that because I found that quite displeasing to the eye!!! Used tissue freaking everywhere #gross.

Anyway, congrats on the opening and thank you for being delicious!!!

Abura Soba Yamatoten
Ruko Garden House A/12
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14470
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 11 AM - 3 PM, 5:30 PM - 10 PM
Weekends: 11 AM - 10 PM


Map for Hakata Ikkousha (located align)

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