I’ve mentioned so many times how kiasu I can be whenever there are new places opening and I am proud enough to admit that I am one, but Puri - the neighborhood in West Jakarta - is an exception, has never been my favorite area and I tend to be a little careless whenever there are new places opening in Puri, actually the reasons are pretty personal, and when I think about it again and again they’re quite silly. First, it’s kind of far from where I live, but then I realize I would be very happy to drive all the way to Kemang, where in distance comparison, actually further than Puri (I live in West FYI), but the thing that irks me the most, is the fact that Puri’s actually located halfway to my college. For some reasons, I NEVER really like my college moments, my college was like the darkest moments in my life, and in a way, the moments that taught me to keep my head up and freaking face the life, and I have to thank the past as it creates who I am at the moment, the personality that I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL for, almost like a newborn! I think I’m going to need one single post to tell you everything and maybe some time in the future.

Meanwhile, let’s just focus on this one. I visited this restaurant around two weeks ago, I don’t think I even need to introduce this restaurant anymore as I think it’s one of the most popular Italian restaurants in town, but if you don’t, lads and gents, I give you: Trattoria Cucina Italiana!

Trattoria started evolving into what currently an established Italian restaurant from 2002 and its first outlet was in Oberoi, Seminyak-Bali. So far, they already have three outlets in Jaakrta, but I heard each outlet has different owner. I came to the one in St. Moritz Puri Indah (surprise!), it’s located just next to Fctry (I also haven’t come here) and Electronic City. FYI there’s a quick access to Trattoria from Electronic City (like a little back door).
The restaurant had this minimalist, simple and homey feeling to the ambiance. It’s properly designed with glass material decorating almost all of the front and sides of the building allowing that straight access to the sunlight! Area wise, I wouldn’t say it’s exactly spacious, but they have this small dining area located on the upper floor that I assume functioned for the smoking area and for those who wish for a little more private dining experience.

The food here, undoubtedly, dominated by Italian cuisine selections. Tried several menus and here they were!
Complimentary Bread
Okay, their complimentary breads were really good but my favorite one has got to be the crispy sticks, once you had it you just couldn’t stop munching! The fluffier ones were also soft and fragrant, best served when they’re fresh from the oven.
Bruschetta with Tomato
This was another complimentary, the fresh diced tomato was lightly seasoned and placed on a crunchy Bruschetta bread.
Ravioli di Pesce
IDR 87k
The fact that the filling of this ravioli was the mixture of three kinds of fish already sounded too good to be true and when I ate it, it was divine. I never had a fish ravioli before and I was quite impressed with the outcome. The pasta was cooked al-dente, the fish filling was fresh without fishy smell or flavor and dressed beautifully in homemade Bisque sauce. A “virgin” like me liked this!
Lasagna alla Bolognese
IDR 85k

This was their take on the homemade Italian goodness, lasagna, and they serve it in the classic Bolognese style with tomato based sauce and minced beef. I think lasagna has never been really photogenic, the thing that makes lasagna photogenic was actually the plate, but don’t misjudge and underrate this, the consistency of the pasta might be a little less al-dente than I expected, but the creaminess, thickness and seasoning of the sauce was beautiful. The minced beef was very smooth, there’s almost no texture, but in the tastiest way <3.
Rosticiana di Maiale con Potato Mila
IDR 169k
First of all, I was quite stunned with the portion. Damn this grilled pork ribs was BIG, no way I am having this just for myself, it’s more like the portion for two or three people. That I already felt like the IDR 169k seemed worth it. The aromatic herb scent suddenly lingered when it got served, I noticed they’re using a lot of rosemary and other aromatic ingredients which I love, that beautiful scent really lived up my appetite for Christ’s sake. The meat was thick but quite tender on certain parts and crunchy on the other parts, seasoning was light but it’s good hence the initial pork flavor dominated the dish (which should be the important point!).
I feel like the fact that they claim 100% authentic to the dish might cause a little mis-communication to the Jakartans, or generally, Indonesians. I mean I have friends who owns authentic restaurants franchises in Jakarta and it’s the matter of commitment and regulation that the recipe needs to be 100% the same as the original outlet, and if you’ve travelled to let’s say Italy or Europe before, you might know that European' palate is kinda different comparing to ours that’s stronger and used to rich Asian and local spices, but judging from my experience having European food straight from their origin and compare it to Trattoria, I think Trattoria did a great job in bringing that authenticity and delightful flavor to the locals. I do hope that the customers would be more open to this kind of knowledge and experience. The food here is good, service was kind, pricing still makes sense and I am definitely coming back to try more pastas! DAYUM!

Trattoria Cucina Italiana
Lippo Mall Puri @St. Moritz, GF, G-99
Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U No. 1 CBD
Jakarta Barat 11610
O21 - 2911 1312 / 2911 1313
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu & Sun: 10 AM - 10 PM
Fri-Sat: 10 AM - 12 AM
Pricing: $$, IDR 300k for two
Dresscode: casual


Map for Trattoria St. Moritz

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