Went to Spumante earlier today after noticing it from Ivy’s blog. Spumante is this newly opened restaurant located in Menteng and exactly beside Anomali coffee shop and not too far from Bunga Rampai.

I was quite impressed already by how they designed exterior, but not so much on the signage, I found that a little too small comparing to the ratio of the building, and God I hope that’s not the final execution. You’ll be greeted by monochrome color (from the window and wall) and the green colored door, but as once I stepped inside, I was even more impressed.

Outdoor seating

I was feeling the design, and I found that unique that they have two totally different area. The area in front felt a little more artsy, rustic with a touch of vintage and pretty, while the area at the back felt a little more industrial, minimalist and somehow kind of hipster and felt more like a coffee shop and western inspired brunch places with a lot of white. If you came (let’s say) around the moment, you’re going to notice the unfinished area separated, according to the waiter it’s going to be a playground and furniture showroom as the owner owns a furniture manufacturing business.

They're using Tanamera beans here!
The name itself actually means “Italian sparkling wine” and when I actually read the menu, the range was dominated by western cuisine, but not exactly Italian as they still have burgers and stuff, but I notice they emphasized more on the all day breakfast menu.
I was quite starving for not having any meals (I don’t do breakfast and sometimes lunch can be quite late), so I ordered each one of their appetizer, main and dessert, so basically whenever there’s a new place, I tend to go with the flow and the recommendations, so the waiter kindly recommended me to go with the Crackling Chicken (IDR 45k), Lasagna (IDR 70k) and Chocolate Lava Cake (IDR 55k). I ordered cappuccino (IDR 38k) for the drink and as I’ve mentioned above, the beans came from Tanamera, it was good coffee, but slightly different when you actually purchased it directly from Tanamera as I guess it’s brewed by different hands, but nowhere near bad.

Speaking about the waiter, I honestly like chatty waiter and I think that’s a casual kind gesture. I don’t like anything too formal and I was quite moved with the hospitality 

The Crackling Chicken was unexpectedly very good, crispy coating with tender meat, just DAYUM, the fries however was just ok, but I still love it when I have ‘em with the chili sauce tho. Okay, I mentioned “unexpectedly” because I came with no expectation, if you read my previous posts, I told ya how disappointed I’ve been with new eateries lately and that’s why I don’t want to expect anything from new places.
The lasagna was perfectly cooked with generous amount of meat and cheese (it’s an exception) and the portion was quite safe. I didn’t have any complain to this one, but... I do have a little complain for the dessert, first of all, Chocolate Lava Cake was always the safe option because I hardly ever find a failing CLC in every restaurant and most of the times, it’s the “save me from my bad dinner” menu. It came with beautiful presentation and aroma, but as I digged in, I was slightly disappointed that it was more like a chocolate lava soup instead of the more solid one (cake), BUT I must say that flavor wise, the CLC was very good with perfectly balanced sweetness and rich chocolate flavor (tasted premium for me), it’s just that I think they should keep it in the oven and cool it down longer.

Frankly speaking, the food here surpassed my standard...and expectation (that I didn’t set before, but if I did this must be above it), they were good and honestly I’m looking forward to come back and browse more of their menu.

They currently only opens until 5 PM, but the owner – who was there when I visited – told me they have plan to actually lengthen the closing hour to 7 or 8 few months from now -, and don’t forget that THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH AT THE MOMENT!

Last but not least, GOOD LUCK in the jungle and...
Spumante Jakarta
Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 50 (next to Anomali Coffee)
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 310 6188
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM
Pricing: $$, IDR 250k for two
Dresscode: casual


Map for Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro, Jakarta Pusat

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