Ola my dearest most lovable readers, yes I am talking to you!

I have been constantly travelling for the past three weeks and I am sorry not sorry for kind of abandoning this blog for a while. I always bring my laptop wherever I go, but most of the times, when the night comes, the tireness strikes and all you want to do is just to take a quick shower and go straight to bed...and on repeat along the trip.

I don’t know why I choose to set all my travelling schedule in a consecutive moment but lately I’ve felt very exhausted...mentally, but you know, travelling can be very exhausting, but for me that’s more to the physical side, if you love travelling or particularly something, it'll never be THAT exhausting, it’s the kind of exhaustion filled with good memories, and actually one that you enjoyed and almost intended to do to achieve that mental happiness. Another reason is because I am tired of Jakarta, after all those bullshit politics and consecutive negativity I saw on air, I am so done! The thing is I just don’t want to surround myself with drama and negativity, and for example ever since that fucking harmful Begal news flashing our TV screen lately, I bet not only me, but almost everyone is now becoming more aware, more scared, almost haunted.

Short to say, I feel much more positive when I am travelling, it’s the perfect moment to be careless, be more me and be happier!

Anyway, here I am now typing this in Bangkok, Thailand and these photos are taken just earlier today and as usual, a simple post to say hi and show you some lovely shots I took today! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do J.

Yes I am very sleepy right now, the last two flights had been the early early flights and being an insomniac, I can’t sleep whenever knowing that I have an early flight schedule. It’s 10 PM and I am ready to go to bed! More stories to come. I promise I’ll write not only faster, but better!


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