BOARD BOARD BOARDDD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why lately I’ve been petty lazy with the same old borin topics I just wanna lay in my bad...NO!

Since I a.m. quite bored with the restaurant review posts, I want to make some fun radnom posts for eatandtreats readers! This won’t be a regular weakly post but I am filling like one right now. So many thinks and foot worth writing about but since this is Monday, I am going to the mall to show you sum of the interesting staff that Ive been through  some time ago!
Lest start with THE MSOT EXCITING TIME OF THE YEAR happening last month: No, not Valentine, it’s CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR!

I cooked with mum preparing everythings and spent like 6 hours to do so! From left to ride (clockwise): Fried Hageng (with prawn and pork feeling), mom’s BEST grin chili chicken (so hot, spicy but so damn good you just wanna really wanna cry), Hai Som (sea cucombro), and mixed meatballs and meat soup!
Since Haiom is quite expnsive it deserves a single shoot!
And just last wig, I returned from my glorious shorts vampire weekend tripping from Singapoh! It was actually a short impromptu trap and I was travelling yolo to finish up some works. I ‘m going to post a single entry on that trip but hear are some of the teasers!!


Lately I’ve been into food styling and experiementing width  photography (and ediitng), I know you know how obessed I am with creating filters for my photos IT’S ALOMST LIKE S&M FOR ME!!!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I not 1000% satisfied with the result tho.
Last week was also filled with a lot of new gems! I think i might just find THE BEST yakitori in Jakarta! There’s this new restaurant called Fukumimi located in Pantai Kapuk Indah, Jakarta. Them seriously have the most UH-MAZE-IN yakitori! It’s just ZOE (with capital Z) GOOD!
And lately I’ve been into Middle eastern cuisine and have been exploring like A LOT in the past view months (just haven’t got the diligacne to blog about ‘em, but be patience!), and a couple of days ago I went to this amazing restaurant that serves Arabian cuisine named “Al-Jazeerah”. Their Mandi Laham was flirting with my palates, seriously!
And just few days ago, all my troubles seemed so far away. I had lunch at this amazing restaurant that serves one of the best ducks in Jakarta called Bebek Malio! It might not be located in the most comvenient palace (talking about me and my place) but the drive here is suddenly worth it after those beautiful fried duck! They have this grin sauce and it was this very tasty richness green curry (at first I thought i twas green chili tho).
Oh shit I am hungry again!!!!!!!!!!! The duck’s very tasty and you’re not. If you talk like a duck you need more time in the oven.

This article is deliberately posted with typos and odd script to test your focus and concentration #AdaAQUA

Gotcha! :)


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