I am a food blogger, but that doesn’t necessarily means I know every single dining place in the whole universe, I still have so much to learn and discover, so why not discover together?!

I went to Australia last year and made a visit to Tasmania for a few days, as I was strolling the city of Hobart, I saw one vintage looking Hogs Breath outlet somewhere along the way, and that was actually the first time that I found out that Hogs Breath was actually originated from Australia, I mean I saw this restaurant in Central Park before the Australia trip, but never actually knew that it’s actually from Australia!

It took me one year after its opening to dine at Hogs Breath Jakarta, and the moment after that, I instantly wondered where the F have I been all this time! Please keep reading.
Hogs Breath Indonesia is located at the Tribeca Park area of Central Park Mall in the West Jakarta and located exactly next to Pancious. Their logogram was very eye-catching with vintage old-school font making it easily noticable, the design of the restaurant was simple, earthy with a mood, retro and with that “Texas meets Germany” touch to it, and not to mention, I visited the restaurant a few weeks ago and they're celebrating Oktoberfest the whole month, so you’re going to find the tables covered in green plaid table cloth. It’s also a good place to gather with your friends while watching your favorite finals over good food, good talks and laughs!

Since this restaurant is known as the go-to restaurant for steak and meat lovers, for some reasons, I see their position more as a steakhouse or Western grill. Their menus are dominated with Western menus and grilled items such as steaks, ribs, pastas, seafood, burgers, and wraps. As this post is written, I told ya they’re currently celebrating the Oktoberfest month, so it’s a good deal for beer lovers. I might not have their beers, but I heard they serve good ones here.

Finger Food Combo – IDR 98k
I’ve always loved platters, it’s a good option to choose when you’re in doubt and in that strange way, makes me feel better about myself since I am an avid food envy! The combo consist of some of the good old classics like chicken tenders, potato jacket, buffalo wings, mini salad and pepper dusted calamari, a sweet chili sauce and honey mustard also came in the serving portion.

I think restaurant owners should feel terribly sorry for themselves if they fail to serve at least a decent platter, and fortunately, that’s not the case here! It was an enjoyable platter and my favorite one has got to be the perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned calamari. As Indonesian as I can be, even though I liked the sauces, but I’ve always LOVED having my fried calamari with chili sauce!
Australian Lamb Shank – IDR 188k

I think if you’ve been reading my blog, you know how lamb has never really been my favorite protein, it’s just that when you don’t know how to cook it properly, it could be very stinky and disgusting! In most cases, Indian and Middle East restaurants really know how to cook amazing lambs! Hogs Breath’s version was on that good part of my list, even though it’s not 100% stink-free, especially when you compare it to the Indian and Middle East food, but considering most Indian and Middle East cuisine use tons of ingredients, and this lamb shank was just simple and how it was, I still find it amusing enough for my palate. The lamb shank came with mashed potato, corn cob and salad.
Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs – IDR 178k (half rack), IDR 298k (full rack)

Tender baby back pork ribs glazed in generous hickory barbecue sauce and served with their signature curly fries and salad. You know when you’ve been eating regularly at steakhouses and notice how they write on “BBQ” but it’s often not the kind of BBQ you normally have or dislike, theirs was quite tasty with good balance of that BBQ sauce character: sweet, slightly tangy, intense at certain notes, and I love how the sauce blends into that topper part the meat, but most importantly for me, the tenderness of the meat. Dry ribs really turned me OFF.
Garlic Prawn Prime Rib Steak – IDR 269k (Regular)
Hands down, the star of the lunch! This was beautiful in every way possible: texture, flavor, presentation and combination. The prime rib steak was ultra tender and juicy with beautiful light seasoning, leaving the meat flavor to still be the main idea of this dish! The prawns were some of the best and freshest I’ve had in town: chunky, juicy, moist and chewy! The garlic sauce was the perfect pair to both steak and prawns, I expected more sauce and this would sky-rocketed to my top 5 best steaks EVER.

Missisipi Mud Cake – IDR 69k
The price caught my first attention out of anything else, it’s certainly slightly expensive for a classic mud cake, so it better have something to surprise me! Turned out, the cake was super moist, super rich with gooey texture! It’s that guilty pleasure that you can have all day long, and as simple as having it with vanilla ice cream made it even more perfect!
You know they do serve good food here, and yes I wondered why didn’t I go to their place earlier! To be honest, their interior design was simple but not the kind of design that strucked me on that first sight, but after sampling their beautiful food, I would be more than happy to recommend this to you all, it’s indeed one of the best meals I’ve had in 2015 and trust me we don’t have a lot this year. The scene needs more restaurants that actually serve good food like in the 2013! So to anybody reading this and happen to be rich, senseful and smart, please open a good dining place!!!

Hogs Breath Indonesia
Tribeca Park Central Park GF #15 (next to Pancious)
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman
Jakarta Barat 11470
021 - 5366 2815
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
WiFi: Yes!


Map for Central Park

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