This month, emm especially this week is such a fun week for F&B! So many new places are opening in the middle of this bullshit economy, and I am glad that I am back on track with the flow! I notice that the past few months I have been very concentrated on works and long term projects that I couldn’t really keep up with the scene! This month I have been visiting these new places more often and of course, I am happy that I am writing and sharing to you all! It’s always fun to write something, even though sometimes you’re very tired (actually like right now I am so sick and typing this post laying down on my bed) but when you are actually writing, you can’t stop.

One of the new places opening this week is this shabu-shabu house located in Wolter Monginsidi, Senopati called SHABU GHIN. I notice that the number of shabu-shabu restaurants are slowly growing, fortunately, it’s very good for me as I am an avid soup lover and I just can’t say no when it comes to good shabu-shabu and good beef...mmm all you can eat good beef I mean!
I like the place, it might not be ultra spacious, but it’s designed nicely in a very simple way, just proper for a seated restaurant and with that condiments buffet located in the middle of the restaurant. Lately I don’t feel like looking at very pretty restaurants as I don’t feel like impressed with most restaurants lately as they also come good looking but crappy on the food, at the moment I just like to keep it simple, anyway, I like how “wood” is that major element covering the whole interior as it gave that earthy, warm and homey feeling, and instantly, my favorite spot was the one next to the window! Not only that it’s brighter for the picture taking, it’s also nice to have a little sun and have something to look at to the outside, even though honestly it’s not a very pleasant view as what you get it normally the crazy trafficky Wolter Monginsidi road, but most of the times, I feel like having the advantage of experiencing both scenes while sitting next to the window.
 Let’s take a little tour of their restaurant!
 A personal electronic-induction stove is occupied for seating

90 minutes is what you get when you opt for their “all you can eat” menu, you get to choose one out of the three kinds of beefs they have in store: Shabu Ghin Special Beef (IDR 188k/adult, IDR 115k/child or senior), Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef (IDR 238k/adult, IDR 145k/child or senior ), Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef (IDR 388k/adults, IDR 225k/child or senior), the pricing already included all you can have meats, vegetables, drinks, and desserts available from their buffet counter. Guess what? I tried EVERY SINGLE beef they had and it was a pretty “crazy” lunch I had with a dear friend of mine.

While for the soup, you’ll get to choose one out of five varieties: Original Konbu (which I had), Chicken Mizutaki, Spicy Tonyu, Spicy Seafood and Sukiyaki! I initially wanted to have the spicy seafood but then I was skeptical whether the seafood soup would go along well with the beef, or will torn the flavor, so I opted for the safer option which was their Original Konbu!



If you’re not a big eater, rest assure as they also have the ala carte menu! This consist of a set menu for IDR 128k where you can enjoy 2 plates of Shabu Ghin’s special beef and unlimited access of their buffet bar, and when you actually want to have more beef, you only need to pay extra IDR 30k for every plate of the “special beef”, IDR 50k for the “US premium”, and IDR 80k for their Wagyu! Also from their ala carte menu: Ramen Noodle for IDR 12k and beverages such as beer (IDR 35k), talking about drinks here, you are more than welcome to bring your own drink here, but with the additional of IDR 150k corkage fee that will be charged to you.

Enough yakking, let’s just enjoy the food porns!


PS: I treated all the beef equally when it comes the cooking process! My standard is what I call the “7 seconds dip” to get that perfectly cooked medium-rare beef, still a bit pinkish but it’s totally OK!




I found the cheapest option, which is their special beef, to be quite good, I didn’t expect much at first, especially the fact that I actually had their wagyu first on my lunch (just can’t help looking at the well-marbled beef OMG!), but the texture was actually above my standard, even better than Shaburi’s cheapest option to be honest. Their US premium was tender and slightly more fatty and their Wagyu was just beautiful! You get what you paid darling!

The konbu soup was actually quite lovely, I think once you dine here, and honestly just like all of the shabu-shabu house that I know, they use MSG here and you might find yourself getting thirsty along the way, but hey actually I have no issue with MSG as indeed it makes food taste better (CAN’T LIE), again it’s all back to you, you know when it’s too much and to stop, and oh talking about their soup, if you want to change or refill the soup, there’s an extra charge of IDR 29k!

Fried Rice Gyu Don, fond of the seasoning of the sukiyaki beef!
 Tempura, onion rings and karaage! The fried mushroom was my favorite, and the karaage was very chunky and tender, probably the most generous-chunkiest karaage!
 Fish, fish balls, salmon balls, tofu and bean sprouts! OK the salmon balls was addicting and the fish was just so smooth, even when it stayed in the soup for a while! To make the review fair, I actually had all of my beef first then proceed to the fish!
Fruits and jelly! Watermelons and melons, they also have papaya but I don’t like papaya eww
They have quite a few sauces to accompany your meals here, such as: spicy suki sauce, Ponzu sauce, Genghis Khan, and my personal (and probably all-time) favorite for shabu-shabu: Gomadare! For those who don’t know, Gomadare is the Japanese style sesame sauce, it has this beautiful & well-balanced sweet and savory flavor with that signature nutty flavor, smooth and creamy texture! Here they also provide some other toppings such as chili, goma, ginger, etc. to be added to your sauce or probably soup!
I’ve shared a sneak peek of this restaurant on my Instagram and actually read the comments, as expected, people start wondering and kind of comparing this to Shaburi. I think both are equally good, but since I never actually tried Shaburi’s wagyu beef, I can’t really comment, but Shabu Ghin’s Wagyu beef was amazing. I am looking forward to come back and actually try their different soup!

I notice they are curently having the grand opening promotion: 50 FREAKING PERCENT OFF!!! Promotion will last until October 30th so you better hurry!
Thank you for reading you amazing people!

Shabu Ghin
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 53 (near Snapy)
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 720 2336/1827
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Dresscode: casual


Map for Jalan Wolter Monginsidi

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