Bistronomy Jakarta: When Fine Dining Meets Pretty.

I would like to dedicate this post and credit this to Rika, my friend of 17 years because without my knowledge, this lunch session was her treat! THANK YOU BESTIE!

We went eating at this fancy fine dining restaurant named "BISTRONOMY". They really put service at its best, starting from what you will personally experienced the moment you're still in your vehicle until the end. From the beginning of my arrival, two security staffs will kindly come to you, direct you and your car and actually open your car doors, just like that.. that's where the fancy starts. HAHAHA! I'm so overrated I'm sorry.

This is how the restaurant looks from the outside, it's actually a home but it's decorated super pretty, almost like a getaway house for your springbreak! If this is your first time trying to find your way here, it's not super eye-catching so you need to look around and pay attention.

I hate hate hate Jakarta's unorganized wires, everything I took a photo of beautiful sky, the wires always ruin the whole pictures >:"(.

Meanwhile, The interior of this restaurant is so pretty and super eye-catching! One of the prettiest restaurants I've ever been in Jakarta.

I got this moment when I feel like really blend with the interior, I have always been such a fan of victorian vintage retro interior with lots of applications of woods (as you know) because I've mentioned it a lot of times. I would love to have a room at my future house to be like this.

I LOVE THE COLORS! I edited the photos to be semi-vintage to make the situation more even.

Chandeliers are like diamonds in the sky <3.

They also have afternoon tea set for IDR 150K++. Great deal!

I didn't have the chance to try this for this visit but I saw people ordered this and it was so pretty. I'm on a mission to compile a list of the best venues to have afternoon tea in Jakarta. Will Bistronomy make it to my list? :P.

This flower which I don't know what its name is, is all over the room and I think it's a genius idea because it fits the atmosphere, and those mirror frames are also major properties <3.


If you're wondering how big this restaurant is, they have both interior and exterior dining seats, I think both will fit maximum 70 people. They designed the interior to be very comfortable, yet crowded but you won't feel stuck, and best thing is that they don't allow SMOKERS inside. GET OUT GET OUT.

We were being seated at just the perfect spot, next to window with great natural daylight and obviously that's a plus point for me because I love natural daylights for photography. I am pretty satisfied with the photos I managed to capture that day, and I hope you like it too :D.

See how beautiful natural sunlight is for photos <3.

Anyway this is my friend, Rika I talked about earlier. She's so pretty right?
If you want her phone number you can email me... HAHAHA. Just kidding.

They give free complimentaries of breads and they use the nicest butter ever!

"You are the butter to my bread". Sadly I haven't found my butter yet.

What did we order?
Of course their recommended menus. We ordered two of their favorite main courses and here they are.

Lamb Chops with Honey Mustard Sauce
IDR 150k++
Everytime I order a dish of meat, my standard of a perfect meat is medium-well and the lamb chops were cooked beautifully. Look at that picture above, it's almost like it's speaking. I love how they manage to use sweet potatoes as the garnish.

Pork Sandwich with Bacon and Sausage.
IDR 95k++

The portion is pretty large and with generous fill, great sauce, mozarella cheese and best of that, awesome experience having it as your meal. One of the uniqueness of the dishes here are the dressing: they always have grilled potato (wedges cut) and sweet potato and salad with great sauce. The dressing is so beautiful. See two pictures above.

For the beverages, I ordered the super delicious...and I mean S U P E R!
They have the most freshest mango smoothie, I can see the ice is very smooth and the color is pretty, it's not very sweet (custom sweetness). I recommend this to you if you happen to go here.

Mango Smoothie - IDR 30k++

Another plus point: THEY HAVE GREAT TOILETS!
Not taking any pictures of the toilet's interior, but I can describe that it's very ethnic and traditional designed. The idea of the toilet door is also great, well, I know sometimes words can't fully describe it, you better check it out for yourself.

Together the bill after tax was IDR 477k and thanks to Rika for the treat.

Ending this post with my favorite photo that day, the sunlight was in its best direction and I love this photo (acting like I'm somewhere around Europe)

buhhbyeee till the next post!
Have a great day y'all!

Bistronomy Jakarta
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