Espressamente Illy: Never too LATTE for coffees!

Special thanks for Illy Coffee Co. for this sponsored post!!!

First things first, let me give you a link to where it STARTS. From the event, they gave me a goodie bag filled with tons of happiness, and happiness is simply a road to coffee and one of them is a voucher to sip your favorite coffee of course with latte art at Espressamente Illy Plaza Senayan!

Anddddd....since I am currently doing internship at Palmerah Selatan which is close to Plaza Senayan, I'm goooooddd!

Espressamente Illy Coffee Shop in Plaza Senayan is not slightly very big but it's comfortable enough to have your afternoon coffee break alone or with your loved ones. There's something about how the way Plaza Senayan organized the stores to be semi-outdoor that I love.

The cutest Latte Art ever!
I don't know if I should be happy or offended that they give me this latte art. Is it because I'm fat like a pig?

And especially for you <3.
Have a great day!

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