Rati-Rati Pantai Indah Kapuk: Rolled Out of Heaven!

Have you been noticing that my blog's banner has been different since two days ago? It's actually a sign because EATANDTREATS now has it's own official logo and letterheads for professional usage. I feel like it's important if you want to make something you like into a professional career and supported by professional system and surrounding. I designed everything myself.

From now on, all photos are going to be 'decorated' with the same watermark (and God knows how tiring Watermarking your photos are) but now it's getting easier and more pleasant for me because finally I have the exact measurement and much better looking watermark. I still love the font I used before, going to use it in any other chance.

EAT is the main three letters because they actually are the alphabets that represents this blog. EAT - Eat And Treats. Initially, I wanted to add some culinary element but then I realize that my blog is also a travel and personal blog. I'm personally happy with this logo and thank you for being a part of eatandtreats from the beginning and witness its growth, the next step is to obviously created my own domain.

Okay, now time for review...

I'm going to review this place called "Rati-Rati" which again and again located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. If you're not familiar with this, I really hope after you read this review, you'll gain a vision that something that doesn't have that much publication sometimes hide the best treasures. That's exactly the condition of this cafe. I'm going to tell you upfront that THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO HAVE YOUR DESSERT! Period! Why is that? I'm going to tell you more... Keep on reading.

First things first, this place has been almost a year in Pantai Indah Kapuk and originally came from Japan (they already had five outlets back in Japan), but I haven't really heard people talked about it, and the location itself is pretty hard to be found because it's barely seen, and it also has tall trees beside it, the place is so pretite: pretty and petite.

*new watermark*

I love a lot of usage of orange color. I love orange.

Once you step inside this pretty petite cafe, you'll be amazed on how colorful the shop is, you'll see a lot of colorful macaroons (might be artificial) on a huge macaroon tree and the little macaroon trees, it's just so pretty looking, they also sell cookies, cupcakes and whole round cakes here, everything is based on your own preference, you want it, they serve it for you.

The cakes here are mostly roll cakes, that's their speciality but don't worry because like I said before, you can custom your choice of cakes, if you want to custom your birthday cake and make a whole round instead of a roll, they can make it for you, just give the directions and they'll try their best.

This one is also custom made, available in various sizes.

Huge macaroon tree, I don't know if you can or can't custom this size but if you can then it's totally amazing. It's going to be the highlight of your party.

Pretty macaroons are to die for!

 This place is just so pretty, I don't know how many times I've used the word "pretty" because it's totally PREE-TEEHEEEY!!! A lot of floras, colors, vintage and POP!

This the side where they sell you the cookies and you can choose it for yourself.

The cake display <3


So, what did I have yesterday? My eyes got "hurt" by this pretty Blueberry Roll Cake and their chocolate roll cake, they are too beautiful and you almost feel sorry to have a bite.

If you happen to look closely, you'll see that the chocolate cake has this white to black gradation, I don't know how to create that color and that's obvioulsy not sugar because I tried to touch and smudge but it looks like the white is combined.

and read this one, I'm going to bold it... if you dine-in here, you'll get FREE ONE SCOOP OF ICE CREAM accompanying your beautiful choice of roll cakes! Such an amazing deal.

FYI, they have the most insane Matcha Ice Cream, well you have probably tasted this somewhere and I wonder where to find it, feel free to tell me puhleaseeee!
 Blueberry Roll Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
IDR 29.000 (before tax)

Drenched in blueberry fantasy. That's probably what the impression that you're going to have after the first bite of this delicious cake, I'm sorry for the abuse of the word "pretty" and "gorgeous" but they really are! The roll cake is so moist and fluffy and they made the most incredible blueberry cream fill ever, you almost feel like you're eating rainbow (if you know how it feels).

The blueberry jam actually reminds me of a blueberry frutella candy and who doesn't love frutella?! Daebak.

Who's here thinking that the little crunch are corn flakes? I was, but after a try, it's actually a destroyed cripsy crepe layer, totally an awesome texture combination, remember, contrast in a food is important!

It even looks so pretty from the back.

Chocolate Roll Cake (using Belgian chocolate)
IDR 29.000 (before tax)

I am still amazed by the beautiful gradation color on top of the chocolate roll cake layer, it's so genius, and another genius thing: Chocolate roll cake with Matcha Ice Cream. Whoever say matcha doesn't fit with chooclate is a total joke.

I fell in love deeper with the blueberry roll cake, this is also great but it's chocolate and you know how chocolate tastes like even after creations, it still remains the good old chocolate and on the other hand, the blueberry roll cake is a surprise, but maybe for some people it's a little too sweet.

Iced Cappucinno
IDR 18.000 (before tax)

They also serve this great cappuccino, it's totally not bad and worth your try, the espresso is a little strong tho.

Special thanks for Rati-Rati for giving me free samples of the other cakes available at the display, such kind people. The left one is Chocolate Hazelnut Roll Cake and the right one is the Blueberry Cheese Roll Cake. I prefer the Chocolate Hazelnut Roll Cake because it tastes so yum and you can feel the hazelnut and chocolate, while the right one, after two bites, it's cheesy but it's not very blueberry, not that it's not good, I don't think there's even a bad cake served here, they're all awesome, but still, there are some which are closer to your heart.

Stop wondering about Rati-Rati and drive by here, I assume that you are probably mouthwatering right now, well, you should!!! It's a reasonable price for such cakes and since it's delicious. You'll find cakes much more expensive somewhere but doesn't really compromise your expectation, and this might be the one for you <3. Mostly cakes here are retailed for IDR 29.000. I wonder why most Japanese cake stroes sell their cakes for IDR 29.000, is 29 the lucky number?

Going to leave you guys with another close up pictures of the colorful macaroons. Still wondering if the macaroons are real, we just can't touch...hmm...
If you have any comments regarding to my new logo and letterheads design, feel free to tell me here or via email to eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com.

Lots of love!


Rati Rati
Rukan Cordobe Blok G No. 5
Jl. Marina Indah Raya Bukit Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara.

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