Best Kitchen "ette" Senayan City!

A few days ago, I finally reunite again with my friends from the University, we're currently at this state where we don't meet very often (some haven't even met from sixth semester), considering that this is a phase of life that we're eventually going through, do not worry! As long as you still have mobile phones and the holy social networks, you can always set up a meeting <3.

I'm currently interning at which is located in Palmerah Selatan and most of my friends also work around South Jakarta and my office is super close to Senayan City so, there it is... the venue of the meeting, we went for lunch and our hearts fall for Kitchennete Senayan City!

First impression (also a round up): BEST KITCHENETTE WITH OUTDOOR SEATING, Technically, Kitchenette outlets don't have any outdoor seating (the ones in Plaza Indonesia and Central Park you can't consider so), so this is the one where you can enjoy a nice day view like I did. So let me take you for a quick tour.

I love the usage of white color for the outdoor mixed with the colors of the leaves (even though they're artificial), the outdoor area is not technically super large, perfect for 20 people but it's totally more fun and different, they also have their signature indoor-live-kitchen-restaurant-design if you prefer indoor seating.

they also have a mini bar, not sure that if you can sit there or it's just part of the design, I assume it's probably a place for the beverage production.
 won't be sitting here even though it's pretty, it tends to get very hot, especially I sweat very easily.

 I abuse the bar area, I love the vintage touch, me such a vintage-freek!

Anyway, I want you to meet my friends :)

left to right: me, Stefanie, Andreas and Clarisa :)
 look at that beautiful background <3.

What did we order for lunch?

Stefanie, Andreas and Clarisa ordered the same thing. Turkey Bacon Mac and Cheese.

*aesthetically beautiful
You know me, not a big fan of cheese, but it tastes lovely actually, the cheese is strong but I still can tolerate this one, I love the simple presentation. It's beautiful <3.
IDR 69.000 (before tax)

I order something different than the others, this is my dish:
Kitchenette's John Dory Fillet with tomato and spinach.
IDR 79.000 (before tax)

I love this food! The fillet is so smooth, it's fried very beautifully and the tomato sauce is fresh, I think this one is perfect for lunch :).

Together we spent around IDR 360.000+ (after beverage)

Sadly we only have one hour to chit chat (kinda wish for more), but I left with a happy belly and happy feeling.

Meanwhile in Senayan City...

The feeling of Easter is still warm.

Have a great day everyone! kthxbuhbbye!

Senayan City Ground Fl.