Universal Studio Singapore and Sentosa Adventure Part 2 (final)

Hi everyone and welcome to the part two and also final part of my trip to Universal Studio and Sentosa Island, now this is where the fun and mesmerizing parts are, not that the first part doesn't contain any fun, but this part is more mesmerizing in a different way because I experienced watching Song of The Sea and I'm giving you sneekpeek of the gorgeous show right here and right now. Keep reading :).

This post contains heavy photos, 78 photos! Sorting from 2200+ and there goes the best 100+, in case you're missing the first part, it's HERE!

I gave a teaser for my next post on my Facebook and I'm sure whoever loves the movie which featured this castle, you're familiar with this!

Yes! It's the castle from the Kingdom Far Far Away!
and if you're still wondering, the movie is Shrek!

I'm very excited when I first experienced for myself the beauty of this castle, it's so huge and it's very detailed, it looks a hundred percent like what the movies, except that the movie one is located among hills nearby and it's animated. Now this is REAL and decorated by the gorgeous sky that afternoon.

Here are some photos to keep you excited and jealous :p.

tourist stereotype: posing in front of the gorgeous venue.

The Shrek castle is actually the location of the Shrek play, it is a super gorgeous 4D cinema with a lot of live actions, you're actually going to feel like you're really there. It's also one of my best experience there. You need to try this out for yourself so that you'll understand how fun this play is.

Actually no photos allowed inside but what's a photo to pleasure my readers.

Kingdom Far Far Away also has one of the best souvenir stores (the other is the Madagascar), and I shopped for the mugs and some cute stationeries for myself and my cousins back in Jakarta.

In case you're wondering if the price of the souvenirs was expensive, well, it's relatively expensive, but I put the price away and think: "While I'm here...", so I decided to buy two dolls from different stores for almost S$80, and this one if my favorite character of the Shrek movie:


He is the most adorable.

My cousin posing with the gingerman pillow! I love love love gingerman!
I didn't buy this because it's a little too common, I also bought their famous potion bottle, it's S$15 including the drinks, I drink this red potion, which is actually fruit drinks and my bottle has the puss in boots' face printed on it.

Adolovable donkey with his kids, FYI the donkey marries the dragon in the movie and there you have it the most loveable DONKEYGON! (I made up the name LOL)

 Cafetaria at the Kingdom Far Far Away, now this is appetizing.

Just in time and The Puss In Boots is out of his cage to entertain us, oh I love him, he is super cute.

Another plus point to whomever designs the costumes for live usage and they're so real and pretty, if you look carefully at the costumes, you'll see that they are very well made, look at the fur on this and especially the face and the coloring, My God I am amazed!

and who doesn't feel sorry for this face? Major aawww moment.
He's the cutest ever! I wish he was real.

Beware of the Ogres!

Photo of the ogre house, I took it carefully so that Shrek won't wake up.
Okay I'm becoming unrealistic.

and now...another fun part!


HOLY SMOOCH I love them so much, they are the most entertaining and they gave the best presentation of entrance overall!

I don't know how many times I've mentioned the word "CUTE" but they are friggin cutesies! Even "cool" is not the proper word to describe this.

Say hi to my girl!

 she looks so happy and fat! I wouldn't love her if she's not a hipo and fat.

Random photo of an Indian (maybe) man that both my sister and cousin are crazy about. They keep on telling me to take a picture of him.
Hello if you happent to read this post, I just wanna tell you that you have fans here and I'm going to send this photo for you. Excuse me for posting your picture here but you're awesome so you should be proud of your features :D.

I think he's married, because I saw him with a woman and a kid
*sister and cousin cries for brokenhearts*

Couple photo!
I wish Gloria was real and I would have proposed to her. She is the best!
Even my arms are not wide enough to hug her, she is soooooo big and fluffy and cutteeeee!

Family photo!
I laughed while looking at the face of the zebra, he made the most hideous face!

The Madagascar actually leads us to the exit path but we decided to go for another round and looked for other things that we probably missed... In front of the Mels Diner, that's just steps away from the area from the Madagascar photo booth, there are pretty girls who sing and dance, they are the Mels Diner girls! Very attractive singing and dancing, and they are very pretty too :).

and not far from the girls, I saw a petite girl in a tight red dress and big hair, and I'm sure you know who this is...


OMG whoever this girl is, she's born to portray Betty, I can't imagine any better fit and if you look closely to her eyes, it's green with an orange center, her face is beyond words and I look closely to her lips and it's naturally heart shaped, of course here is strengthen by the lipstick, and anyway I wanna give thumbs up in the front of the makeup artists face for making all the actors looking flawless!

This girl above is the most adorable cute girl I've met during my trip here, she's always smiling even when she's not in a picture taking, and during this moment, she's actually with her family (who are also awesome and warm and smile a lot to me and my siblings) but I don't know why but she looked into my camera instead and smile, her family has been saying: "look over here...look over here..." but she's just there for a few seconds smiling directly onto my lens and I'm more than happy to be able to collect this photo. I would love to meet her again one day in another chance :D.

After that we continue our walk and I feel so grateful that I don't miss this!

It is Bumble Bee!
I'd die if I miss Transformers! It's also very large and a very well designed costumes, the designer and team are genius!

Photo with the legendary "Charlie Chaplin", again amazing make up artist for turning the man into a great visual of Charlie.

 Another legend, this one from the other side of the world: Frankenstein!

It was about 4.00 PM and we're waiting for the last play we're going to watch in Universal Studio but it's going to be open for visitors on 4.30 so we're sitting around the main entrance and visit some souvenir shops just to look around and buy some candies :).

4.30 PM reaches and here we are at the biggest arena and the best play of all in Universal Studio!

Can you guess now?

The best live act in Universal Studio...period! Completed with a lot of actions, fire and absolutely...WATER!

Can you just look at the set? The arena is huge and obviously surrounded by water and don't be worry for all the fire and explotions occured here, they are part of the show done by professional acts and swimmers, no one is injured or hurt, in fact everyone's happy!

the crowd is CROWDED!

Before the show started, the actors "detain" the crowd with sprays of water, on the entrance they atually warn us that we can get real wet, and I mean literally WET!

...and make sure you check the seat (incase you don't want to get wet like me since I'm holding a camera and never look forward to break it), on the seat is written the areas from the most until the least possibility of getting sprayed from the water. They have water guns and the water can also come from the jet ski. Keep reading to know what I mean.

This is the jetski that I'm talking about, the actors managed to turn around as close as possible from the crowd and water line, so that the water will spray the crowd. No matter how wet, it's so much fun!

They even have ships, it's just so cool, somewhat the jetski is waterproof because it can actually dive in.

woo hoooooo!

My favorite shot on the event! A beautiful set with explotions, fireworks and fires! I wonder why they are so amazing.

You need to experience for yourself the amazingness of WATERWORLD! You won't be charged for anything, this show is already the part of your ticket you paid upfront. My pictures can only show ut the eyes and mind won't ever forget what you'll experience there.

Last photo taken in Universal Studio, family pictures with the amazing Panda from The Kungfu Panda!

...and I'm very fortunate to be able to share this marvelous experience with my loved ones, especially in this case.. MY FAMILY! Thank You, God.

The next plan after a whole day in Universal Studio is to actually visit the largest Merlion statue in all over Singapore, it's the one located on the Sentosa Island! I thought it's going to be far from the Universal Studio but the guide there told us it's very close, so instead of spending some time in the MRT, we walked forward while enjoying the fresh cool air of Singapore. Thumbs up for Singapore for the clear air, no wonder why Singapore has been voted as the cleanest country in the world.

and he was right, it's not far at all, you can actually see the statue from USS and we walked only for about 5 minutes (including the time for pictures taking and etc.)

 Voila! Say hi to Merlion!

Eating at KFC, of course KFCs in Singapore are not the same as the ones in Indonesia, I prefer the Indonesia ones because I'm more into my own land of birth's sense of appetite. What's different? They use chicken rice instead of plain white rice and sometimes they even use bread instead of the chicken rice, of course the main and the most important... CHILLI SAUCE! Indonesian's Chilli Sauce are the best. EVER!

We already purchased the ticket for "Song of The Sea" before and the ticket was S$10, great deal for 30 minutes of awesomeness! Anyway if you're wondering where to pre-purchase the ticket, you can buy it at the MRT VIVO CITY (if you're using MRT from Singapore city to Sentosa Island, there you can purchase it up front along with the MRT tickets and all), I bought the tickets at USS since I'm staying at the fabulous Michael Hotel.

ZERO photoshop for this picture below. The night sky is naturally awesome. The show was 7.00 PM.

If you want a summary of the story of "Song of The Sea", please look it up online, I'm not going to spoil any story but I'm showing pictures instead, too bad if you're not experiencing yourself.


After the show, we didn't go back straight to the hotel, we walked to enjoy the night breeze of Sentosa beach, everything was so beautiful until this creepy guy followed us from the Song of The Sea arena, I have been notiving this guy because she has been looking at my sister in a-not-very comfortable way, I didn't have any thought that he would follow us, and when we arrived at the beach and my sister whispered to us: "that guy is following us" and we're all scared because the way he looks was so creepy, I don't mean to judge but you just need to be in my shoe for this moment, we're just in a self-protecting mode before the worst case scenario (probably) happens.

Forget about it, I'm safe now and let's just enjoy the night view of the pretty beach that my camera was lucky enough to still capture.

and that photo of the flowers above ends my trip of the Universal Studio and Sentosa Adventure at that moment! I have always been missing Singapore! and even though I've been there a couple of times, I still want to keep on coming back, it's just filled with excitement, a great country with superb city organization, very clean, very fresh air, petite but totally NOT to be seen with one eye only.

I hope this post that I'm writing is strong enough to convince you to look online and book your tickets to Singapore right this moment!

For once in your life, you need to visit Singapore. One of the best countries in the world and let yourself blended with everything that you can enjoy there, you only live once!

I'm looking forward to also go and surf the beauty of my own country and I'm fortunate enough to actually received some emails of the possible-sponsors and I'm not going to say that it's 100% fix but there's possibility of me going to surf some places in my own country in two months and let's just keep praying and keep on hoping that I could be the one sharing and inspiring you to love our own country more and more...

To really finish this post...Postcards from Singapore!

See you on the next post!

I've been writing a lot lately but it's just so much fun! Thank you guys! the amazing stats really keeps me going!

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