Anomali Coffee Senopati: Share Your Love For Local Coffees.

Just yesterday I went to this coffee shop I've been dying to go for ever! You're probably familiar with this brand if you go to Plaza Indonesia pretty often, there, this outlet is located inside the Urban Kitchen, but if you're not familiar with this brand, so now, let me introduce you to...


Anomali is probably one of the hippest spot for coffee lovers (like me), I've been to their outlet in Plaza Indonesia for a lot of times, mostly just sit around, working on my projects, while definitely sipping their delicious coffees.

Do you know what's even better?


If you read my post about my coffee culture seminar I attended two weeks ago, I got the information that Indonesia is the world's fourth largest coffee producer. This is definitely something to be proud of and promoted and our beloved country also produces KAPHOW quality of coffee beans. I'm proud to be Indonesian! *glasses on*

I've been to their outlet in Plaza Indonesia for a lot of times but never I went to this one located in Senopati, this is their main spot and of course the most comfortable one (going to tell you more about that), so, yesterday, after having lunch at Bistronomy (which I'm going to blog about soon), me and my friend of 17 years, Rika, went to Anomali Coffee. By the way, Rika is officially a "young-doctor" and just granted with "S. Ked." on Saturday. Congratulations bestie, I'm so proud of you!

Since I've been around Senopati for quite some time, for me to find this place is pretty easy, if you wanna reach here, you'll probably need to take the way from Pacific Place (for base direction, the easiest one) and maybe ask for directions and good luck. I know I don't help you much, at least I greeted you good luck. Make sure you look around because you need to see a board that's not very big. The board is basically a red board with graphic of their logo.

Pretty much like this one:
I'm sorry I didn't take photo of their exterior because it was raining pretty hard and I never look forward to get my camera wet :0.

This place is not very big, but to be honest, it's one of the most comfortable coffee shop I've ever been in my life! My ideal coffee shop would be a venue, with a huge application of wood and glass for interior, cool air conditioning, decent scent of coffee all over the venue, lounge music and of course nice coffee drinks as companions, and you know what?? This coffee shop is very close from my ideal imagination of coffee shop.

Let me take you to tour the venue.

They use a lot of bricks texture for the wall, which makes everything even prettier and cooler.

 Woods, glass, bricks, coffees. I want to live here.

This place is originally not very big but their deco makes everything just so comfortable and personally, I love staying for hours having conversation with my friends while of course sipping my favorite drinks here.


They also sell their coffee beans for costumers, come in 200gr until 1kg.

They have the most genius menu design ever! It looks more like a journal instead of a menu but that's the genius part. I love how they use handwriting font for this menu.

It was raining, I initially want something hot to warm me up and beside, hot coffee drinks are mostly pretty so they're going to look very good for photos...


I remember their famous Creme Brulee Caramel Coffee and it's personally best served shaken with ice, so I ordered that for my visit this time. Rika ordered their Signature Iced Cappuccino.

Creme Brulle Caramel Coffee - IDR 44k (nett)
Iced Cappuccino - IDR 34k (nett)
Taste? D E C E N T!
If you're trying to compare this with famous high end brands, you'll probably going to have the same or even better coffee drinking experience. They use prime coffees and FYI, IDR 40k for a cup of coffee is not very very cheap to be honest, but since I love coffee, and I want to support my country's own coffee, then I'm gooood. These two are my recommended menus.

Just like humans, coffee also needs a good companion. Do try their famous Eclairs. I have mine their good old Vanilla Eclair.
IDR 16k (nett)
You know when you go out with your best friends, you sit there talking for hours but never know what exactly the point of what you're talking about. Well sometimes, THAT'S THE POINT! The conversation point with your best friends is literally POINTLESS! MUAHAHAHA!

And as the result of hours of random conversations, I ordered another drink, this one is their Lychee Tea (IDR 28k) because I saw a lot of costumers ordered this. This is not just a tea with lychee fruit and thank you for not creating it that way because I'm going furious.. They use their signature lychee syrup, that syrup just makes this drink popped!

Here is a picture of me and my best friend, Rika.

Stay tuned here because I'm compiling my list of top 5 coffee shops in Jakarta, the list is almost done, I need to make sure that the top 5 are the best of the best!

If you are a coffee lover and you're looking for a place that serves great quality coffees, especially Indonesian coffee beans, then look no further than this coffee shop.

This place is awesome and the coffee is gorgeous.

Enough said.

Thank you for reading <3.

Anomali Coffee
Jalan Senopati Raya No. 37
Jakarta Selatan
+62 21 52920102

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