Tuck and Chug Pantai Indak Kapuk (PIK): Relax and Sip Some Drinks!

If you happen to miss my last post before this one, make sure you click on this link -> here, because this post I'm writing is another episode of that post. Let me give you a time to read the post. Starting from...now.

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Okay, okay I'm going to retell the story for you because I love you all so much for always stopping by here.

So last Sunday and like any other weekend is best-friends quality time, talking about best-friends quality time, I'm going to share some things non-related to the place I'm giving review at...well my suggestion for you all if you still can go out as much as possible with your friends/loved ones, do maximize the usage of those times because you're going to miss it when you're in a state when it's hard to meet each other, when everyone's graduating and you're separating yourself and living the real independent life. (be right back I'm getting some tissues, I'm getting very emo what the heck) but that's actually just a little intermezzo for you to think about. Do love your friends but naturally you can feel the vibe of best-friend ship.

If you already click on the link above about the last post, on Sunday I went to Ikkudo Ichi Pantai Indah Kapuk to have my late lunch and initially we wanted to go straight to another place but suddenly PIK is drenched by the rain and we decided to stop by at this new place that often caught my eye whenever I go to PIK because I am loving their exterior and interior design, but haven't got the chance to go there, but now...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to... "Tuck and Chug". It is located beside Gastro Alley and still on the Rukan Crown Golf Blok D area.

I didn't have any meal here, it was around 5 PM and we're initially waiting for the rain to stop and it actually just rain harder and harder for the last one and a half hours, we had our pretty drinks and maybe you could also try it out if you happen to visit this gorgeous venue.

I honestly think that this is probably one of the best designed restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. I just feel almost like home, another reason is maybe I was a little emo due to the rain, the cool breeze and the staff didn't turn the lights on so you can imagine how hollow mellow the situation was. Let me take you for a little tour.

If you walk into the restaurant, maybe the first thing that you're seeing is this ladder that delivers a way down to the basement, beside you'll see a wall with grafitti, but I'm not sure what the underground floor was and I skipped the thought of asking the servant because they were kinda busy.

We had a little so-what-if-we-call-it romantic drink and chatting session while waiting for the rain to stop and we actually pretend like we're in Bali, the situation was pretty convincing and pretty Bali-like.

Rika ordered Fruit Punch
IDR 30.000 (before tax)

Corina ordered this Apple Lime Lychee Mocktail, loving the presentation of this glass, almost looked like you're drinking alcohol when it's actually not included any alcohol, just a little soda. (IDR 28.000)

and I ordered this pretty Caramel Matcha Blend
IDR 35.000 (before tax)

Overall I think they really do give a nice looking presentation for their drinks, and they help me a lot for my photos. I personally wanna thank the drinks for being pretty, and also whoever made this, I wanna give you a very big hug.

I took some photos of Rika while we're waiting for our orders to come. Initally I have some of my other best friend photos, Corina, but she sneakily deleted the photos! grr.

Photos below are not edited, I just set the lighting for the camera and the color here is the natural light, we don't see any sunset but we got to be very chilled and relaxed.

I really recommend this place for you to simply have your light bites and drinks or even dinners, make sure when it's raining (and when we air is cool, sometimes it's raining but it tends to be very hot) you guys sit outside, or else sitting inside is also a great option.

Leaving you with a photo of an airplane.
"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?"

Thank you for being so awesome T&C!
Follow their twitter: @tuckandchug

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