Detention Room PIK: Being Detained Has Never Been This Good!

I am such a lucky dude!

Won the quiz from Detention Room's Twitter and I was granted with voucher worth of IDR 50.000, they sent me the happy news via email! I don't wanna waste anymore time so on Tuesday I went there to redeem the voucher and had my dinner there. Detention Room is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk (yeah, no wonder PIK has evolved into the food boulevard, it's crazy how many restaurants betting their business there).

*blink eyes*

I want you to meet my bestie, Rika, we have been friends and closer than ever since Kindergarten and she is the one I trust so much aww so sweet *blood vomit*
Let's start this post and skip anymore intros, I want you to see their their concept is classroom and if you see a restaurant venue with giant yellow ruler outside, that's Detention Room. They provide interior and exterior venue depends on your preference, well the outside is certainly provided for the smokers and that's obviously not me, but since the weather was cool I tried to sit outside.

Loving the writings on the glass

 Just look at those mouth watering chocolate liquid! Dayummmm!

 To be honest this side's my favorite area, it's just so petite but lovely :).
 One of the school material: CAN PENCILCASE! Reminds me of my elementary days, I always beg my parents for a can pensilcase, or ones with the front and back, or ones you can pull and very multifunctional, that's probably one of the best inventions after chilli powder.
 Their menu, there's something about their logo that I love so much. Loving the fact that they used handwriting fonts as the logotype.

What did I order for my dinner? It's pretty huge portion for dinners and we start it "fancy" with the appetizers, the main course and the beverages, skipping the dessert because I was as full as hell. My beverage can also be considered "dessert" holy smooch!

I ordered their famous Fries Nation for appetizers, they have the most awesome and generous amount of fries. I and Rika agree on the curly fries as the kappow of all the fries. Inside you'll find regular steak fries, curly fries and wedges, they're well-seasoned and yummy.

Fries Nation
IDR 35k (before tax)
 very very mouth watering. I want to have this again!

For main course I ordered their Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken Katsu. Giant portion! I recommend you to share it with your friend because the portion is pretty huge and if you're on diet, I don't recommend this to you. I kinda like the fettucine and the cream they're using for this dish, especially their chicken katsu, it's crispy and juicy!

Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken Katsu
IDR 38k (before tax)

For the beverages I chose the mouthwatering looking Cookies Crumble, it's made with milk chocolate, topped with cookies (I'm guessing it's Oreo) on top of the whipped cream. You can totally feel the chocolate and it's supposed to be! I've had enough with some drinks I ordered at certain restaurants which ends up tasting more like a plain milk with cocoa powder rather than real chocolate.

Cookies Crumble
IDR 34k (before tax)

FYI, they claimed they're using all real chocolate and I kinda went inside to see the chocolate bars and they did have it, the servant kindly told me that the chocolate are made from prime milk and honestly you can feel it, but if you have different taste for chocolate drinks from mine, then I have nothing to argue. I love this and I'm recommending it to you.

Close up of the juicy caramel sauce and cookies crumble.

Rika ordered the Iced Cappucinno. Don't get mistaken for their plain look because this cappuccino is sorta tasty, totally my standard for coffee drinks, it's simple but it's cappuccino how it should be.

Iced Cappucinno
IDR 27k (before tax)

Thank you Rika for this picture of me while we're waiting for our orders.

Together we spent around 137.000 but thanks to the IDR 50.000 voucher we end up paying less <3. For this amount of treats, I would pay IDR 137.000. Worths my money.

Big thanks for Detention Room for the great chocolate drink and for helping me sponsoring parts of this post!

You can follow their twitter @BEINGDETAINED

Detention Room
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D #28
Pantai Indah Kapuk,
Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post!

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