Instagram has been benefiting me in so many ways, especially in the world that I am currently living my life in, I am talking about the F&B and travelling. I have personal experiences where expanding your friendship on Instagram will help you in certain ways, and believe me I don’t mean one of those ass-kissing social climbers kind of benefit, it’s truly the positive one. You know me, I love going to new cafes and even though I am Indonesian, but my kiasu-ness is Singapore certified (LOL), one of the perks of making friends with locals is having sort of a guide showing you the best of what their city has in store, only this time is your friend.

My friend, Zippy (@zippyzipeng), told me about this very-very newly opened place called ARC at Sultan Road, and as this post is written, it's just 3 days old, so I guess this would be a good entry to share to you.

The design of this cafe was simple and clean with a few tables for two & a communal table, something about the yellowish lighting that created the warm and homey ambiance to this cafe, BUT this cafe is well air-conditioned! Something that you'll be looking for on hot Singapore days, which is like always. The store manager gave me a little tour of the second floor (which will be opened soon as a little construction is still happening atm). ARC is also the exclusive distributor for Loveramics coffee and the second floor is also occupied as a little store where they sell colorful ceramic cups that are cute enough to be collected. My friend bought two cups for S$16 each.

One of the baristas here, John, is the champion of Singapore Barista Championship 2015, so yeah the coffee here should be the least of your worries. Much love to their vanilla and mocha latte (FAVE)! It was subtle & sweet just how I like it. 
For the food menu, they currently run the soft-opening menu, and it was already quite various. The menu seemed really appetizing but since we have been cafe hopping all day, we were kinda full so we shared two courses: The Pork (S$19.80) and Bacon and Shrooms pasta (S$18.80), some coffee and a refreshing sparkling Hibiscus and Lime soda by Tipping Tapir (S$6).
Bacon and Shrooms – S$18.80 // Cafe Mocha - S$5
The cafe mocha (single espresso, homemade chocolate and velvety milk)
The Bacon and Shroom pasta was too creamy and too oily for my taste bud. Flavor wise, it's quite decent, it's just that the texture of the cream was so creamy and eggy it left this sticky, greasy and velvety feeling to my mouth, however the bacon was the highlight of this dish! Seasoned just well.
The Pork – S$19.80
The Pork came in beautiful fine dining like presentation with jelly caviar on the poached pear. The pork belly was chunky, meaty and fatty. While I must admit since everyone wanted to take a personal picture (Instagrammers first world problems - and I am giving honest review), we spent around 10 minutes after the food's served (the pasta wasn't photogenic so the pic was taken pretty quickly), it's not exactly cold, and the meat was still pretty tender. The seasoning of the pork was light, I might wanted bolder kick from the seasoning tho. I wasn't a big fan of the ribene sphere and pork jus since the texture was pretty wet to be paired with the crispy pork and kinda overpowered the initial flavor that I liked. The pear was there just to make the whole look prettier. Didn't see much of the role when it comes to the flavor #eyecandy.
I totally understand that soft-opening is the moment where new establishment learn from here and there, and based on my visit, I think they performed quite well, just not yet perfect. There were just little flaws, but I love the space, the coffee, and the casual-friendly service, the only thing that they need to take care is the quality of the food, tons of luck! Thanks for reading guys.

A.R.C - Academy Roastery Cafe Coffee
Sultan Road 29-31
Average spending for two: S$40-S$50
Dresscode: casual

Map for Sultan Road

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