I first saw this coffee shop from someone I follow on Instagram, it was so beautifully taken that it made me more and more curious about this coffee shop, especially for its "house" look, rather than the common ones in town.

So a couple of days ago I went to the opening of this new food court called "Food Container" (review here) and Kopi Manyar was next on our list. It was pretty tricky finding it at the first time as there wasn't any clear signage, but as long as you're in touch with Waze, you should be safe! From outside, Kopi Manyar looks like this minimalistly designed house with small words of "Kopi Manyar" written on the window glass.

I initially expected "Kopi Manyar" to be bigger and more spacious. It might not be exactly what I had in mind (but you know sometimes those Instagram first world problems where photos can be deceiving), but to me, it's still very well designed, simple, minimalist and very homey. Short to say, when you know Andra Matin is behind all this, all you need to do is basically enjoy.

That afternoon, the coffee shop was full so we were placed on the waiting list, but that’s okay as we were expecting friends to show up too. There are several seating areas here: the seating for two in the mini gallery (the first room where we waited), the sofa and couch near the entrance, the communal table in the middle near the coffee bar, another one at the corner and the minimalist zen-like garden seating, err I wouldn’t call it a seating area actually as anybody can just put their chairs anywhere around the garden area and have a good day.

It was a moody afternoon

Infused water for the guests
The house is currently not 100% finished as I still saw a little ongoing construction. Another thing that I like about Kopi Manyar that it is also functioned as Andra's very own design showcase as you can notice his mini design mock-ups around the shop, even in the toilet, there are two rooms in the house where you can see the biggest mock-ups.

Since I came from Food Container and was still very full due to the overloaded food intake, the purpose of me visiting (besides killing the curiosity) is to have a casual coffee break. I had their iced cappuccino and fried mushroom. Honestly I am not a big fan of their coffee as it was a little intense and acid for me and the fried stuff was just comforting. My friend had their manual brew and it was also decent, not his favorite, but again, it's all just the matter of preference.
Here they also offer various coffee brewing method such as tubruk, plunger and Siphon brew. On my visit, they were using Papandayan coffee beans, I don't know if this is the signature of theirs or they're using this for certain period of time. For those who are in need of something more fulfilling, they also have various main courses (rice, noodle) to the small bites to share! The price range for coffee and drinks here starts from IDR 22k-IDR 45k, and IDR 35k for food (average).

It's refreshing to see a coffee shop like this. It's funny when you're actually here, it's like an oasis to the busy streets of Jakarta, and even though I know their coffee might not be my favorite, I can picture myself coming back again and again, or at least somewhere I can show off to my foreign friends!

Kopi Manyar
Jalan Bintaro Tengah Blok Q2 No. 14
Bintaro, Jakarta Selatan 12330
Opening hours: 8 AM-10 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k (with food)
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes
INSTAGRAM #ceritakopimanyar


Map for Kopi Manyar

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