If you’re an avid fan of Menya’s Gyu Tan Don, you better read this post!

Gyu Tan Don (GTD) is certainly one of the most happening culinary trend in Jakarta at the moment, and I have noticed that restaurants (even those who are not actually Japanese) started to expand their menu by adding the item to their menu. I personally like GTD, even though I am not like crazy about it, but occassionally I would order. If you guys are not familiar with Gyu Tan Don, it’s a kind of Japanese rice dish where in Japanese itself, “Gyu” means “ox”, “Tan” means “tongue”, and “Don” is “rice bowl”, so it’s simply described as ox tounge rice bowl.

A few months ago, Negiya Donburi rose to the scene and is now (from what I heard) one of the leading spot for diners to go and fulfil their craving for major Gyu Tan Don! Negiya Donburi is a modern Japanese restaurant specializing in donburi or Japanese rice bowls. I mentioned on the opening that if you love Menya’s Gyu Tan Don, you better read this post, why? It’s because Negiya is actually teaming up with Menya from Melbourne to bring their famous GTD to town! So if you’re one of those who would travel miles just for Menya’s GTD, now you don’t need to, but I know right, who wouldn’t travel for Melbourne!!!
Negiya Donburi is easily accessible, from the main lobby of City Walk Sudirman, you’ll see an escalator, take that escalator to the first floor, turn around and I believe you’re going to see a huge Manekineko icon, semi-outdoor seating, and that’s exactly where Negiya is! The design of this restaurant is very simple and clean, not much on the deco and stuff, but I like it that way. They apply “self-service” order here where you queue for order, pay in advance and your meals are made to order. They currently have 12 options for their donburi dishes, 3 sets and a couple of side-dishes. I happened to try some of their best sellers and recommended dish. It was a freaking big lunch for two.

Infused Water

Chicken Karaage – IDR 29k
Beautifully deep fried battered karaage with crunchy coating, tender-juicy meat. Simple yet addicting, and somehow expected. Glad it wasn’t oily.

Menya Gyu Tan Don – IDR 85k

Each restaurant has their take of their own version of Gyu Tan Don; dry, wet, sweet, salty, spicy, but Menya has this drier type of Gyu Tan Don and less saucy if you compare it to Cranky Crab, but the beef is undeniably tasty and well-seasoned, here you can ask for extra spicy, extra gyu tan for IDR 20k and egg for IDR 10k. Hands down, after all those GTD I’ve had in town, this Menya Gyu Tan Don by Negiya is currently on that top part of my list. I love the tender meat with that simple seasoning. Had the default spicy level and it was enough for me, not too spicy and just spot on. I really enjoyed this.
Gyu Tan Teriyaki Don – IDR 79k
Same gyu tan base, only this was thicker and more “meaty”. The gyu tan was quite soft, tender and less chewy, but I expected the sauce to be slightly bolder and richer to elevate the beautiful meaty gyu tan.
Japanese Steak Don – IDR 119k
First of all, the presentation of this dish was very pretty! Marinated australian beef striploin grilled to perfection resulting this tender and juicy meat! Their homemade sauce gave that tasty blend of sweet and savory, and the creamy runny egg was genius. It added this altogether creamier and stickier consistency to this dish, which is far from bad.
Menya Chicken Katsu Don – IDR 55k
Okay, this Menya Chicken Katsu was LOVELY! Thick, crunchy, tender and juicy in the same time. The extra egg was divine, it added the creamier and moister texture that I like from donburi. I believe the picture already did the justice of showing how appetizing this dish looks!

LA Karubi Don – IDR 89k
LA Karubi Don means barbeque rib (or more well known as Galbi in Korean). This was another favorite of mine where the rib was cooked and seasoned to perfection! My favorite part was the juicy fat which independently created that extra “saucy”, tasty and flavorful dish! Oily without being greasy. Must order.

Mango Ice Cream Mochi
I like the firm and thick mochi skin, even though I expected it to be chewier, the mango ice cream was tasty and fresh!
Right after having lunch and that first spoonful of Menya’s Gyu Tan Don here, Negiya Donburi is definitely on that top part my list of favorite places to have Gyu Tan Don in Jakarta. The food here is good, might be a little pricy for some dishes, but the portion is quite fulfilling and satisfying, but again, it’s all about preference. I do hope you’ll like it.

Negiya Donburi
City Walk Sudirman 1st floor #26
K.H. Mas Mansyur
Jakarta Pusat
0821 1160 0094
Opening hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k

Map for Citywalk

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