Went to the launching of Quipper Video at CGV Blitz a few weeks ago and I want so share my experience here with you guys.
I know this has NOTHING to do with F&B, and let me be totally honest with you. Normally when I got an invitation to cover an event outside F&B, I would reject, but since I am pretty aware that certain number of my blog readers and social media followers are high school students (and after a brief study of their company), I think this would be a great material for me to share to my audiences.

Before I talked about the event, I want to explain more about Quipper. A little information about Quipper, the London based company expanded their network to Indonesia back in 2014, and after more than 1,5 year, it’s now a full-blown establishment with focus on e-learning with 1,5 million students applying. With this huge number of following, they now decide to expand their program by launching Quipper Video!

So what exactly is Quipper Video?
Here's a link of their video (CLICK HERE), but if you're a reader, then read my post! See? it's a good start, are you an "audio" or a "visual"?

Short to say, it’s a program launched by Quipper for senior year students who are going to face the National Exam or Ujian Nasional (UN) and National Enrollment Test or Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (SBMPTN). Sure, the program’s released not without reason. Roslina Verauli, a well known psychologist who happened to be one of the key speakers on the press launching claimed that during the age 16-18, most kids tend to be on their “most stressed” state, and here they developed “individual emancipation”, which means that the kids don’t like having their study time set. For example when parents enroll their kids to join a lot courses and extra curicular activities, and if the kids are not on their best of mood, they can’t seem to keep up, and with that tight schedule, the Jakarta’s traffic is another big factor in slowing down the schedule.
What makes Quipper Video different that the reguler course? I personally see some difference between the two, but the clearest might be how compact Quipper Video is! It’s designed to be accessed everywhere: on the go, your room, your friend’s house, basically anywhere as long as you have gadget and internet connection. Short to say, it’s like having your digital tutor that you can carry along anywhere you go.

Also on the talkshow; Ms. Tri Nuraini, Marketing Manager of Quipper, Ema, a senior year student with audio-dominant learning method, and Mr. Ferry, the Math Magician (they do have cute names for tutors here).

There are some other factors, but with the mentioned examples, Quipper Video offers an easy, efficient and compatible solution for students to study in the most convenient way, and most importantly, they can arrange their own schedule! Quipper Video is an e-learning program with video features. So it’s like watching a video of someone teaching you lessons, but that someone is not just someone. Only qualified tutors with big experience are selected to teach here!
And good thing is, all you need to have is just a mobile phone/PC/tablet and a good internet connection and you’re ready to study. But yeah don’t forget your papers and pens to take notes kids!

It’s good tho, because I myself is dominant in audio-visual learning method, so according to my counseling teacher back in high school, I was someone who needed to have an audio and visual support for that optimum study outcome. Don’t even know who she knew but truth is I am! Back in highschool, I found it hard for me to concentrate on studying because I have so many distractions, and to be honest studying is boring, but when I actually study in groups, I can “digest” the materials quicker.

The range of the lessons are quite complete and intense, but as long as your kids can arrange the schedule any time they want, the time is pretty flexible.

In a way, it’s good to teach them about responsibility.

According to Mr. Ferry, the math magician, Quipper Video is also good solution for students who are afraid of their teachers, and considering it, an optional solution for students not to be nervous, because when students are nervous, they tend to concentrate less to the topics.

If you’ve ever heard about a study method like this, let me sum up several things about Quipper that I learned from the talkshow:
1. The gamification system
This system allows students to kinda have more fun in studying. Knowing that students can be ambitious sometimes. Gamifications allows you to get more coins when you answer correctly! Not only is it rewarding, but fun as well, because you know instantly if your answer is correct or not.

2. The 10 main lessons: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Indonesian, English, Economics, Geography, History and Sociology. There are around 1000 topics with 5 practice questions each. Each topic is about 15-20 minutes, repeatable, and each questions will be solved in a very detailed way.


For more info, you can visit their website -> video.quipper.com

Thank you Quipper Indonesia for inviting me to your event and shower me with useful information worth sharing to everyone! I hope that you can now consider (or probably converting) to learn in your own fun way.


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