To be completely honest, I have never heard about this patisserie before, but short to say, anything Japanese excites me, so when I saw this coming on my friend’s Snapchat and after they actually tagged me on Instagram, I look no further not to try this.

Delimmo is located at this semi-separated building, almost the al-fresco/fountain area of Aeon Mall BSD City just outside Food Culture. Quick research and it’s originated from Akasaka, Tokyo. I didn’t find this on my latest trip to Tokyo nor it’s included in my friend’s list to go in Tokyo, so I personally think it’s not as popular as how they claimed themselves to be.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a good looking Japanese man (didn't know if he was the chef or what), but he was smiling and opened the door for us. Delimmo is large, but not spacious (okay so how is it?). It has its own two-stories building with different concept on each floor. The first floor is where they keep the beautiful pastries: croissant, danish, cakes. The pastries here are like the beautiful breed of Japanese and French pastries, or should I say, French pastries with Japanese touches. The second floor is the dining area. They also have a little outdoor dining area on the first floor but the second floor features both.

The dining area on the second floor had this homey and cozy ambiance. Well air-conditioned too making it perfect for lazy hours.
Black Dandy – IDR 74k
Ordered a few desserts to share. Had their best selling “Black Dandy”, a chocolate souffle pancake with beautiful fluffiness that came with chocolate cream, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce drizzle! I don’t know but I think it’s called “souffle” for its souffle look where it’s a little spongy on top, but overall it still had that soft and pillowy texture that I really like. The chocolate cream was light and the ice cream chocolate just made it dreamier. Chocolate fan should order.
I saw they also had the green tea version of this but it’s not yet available #sadmax, and aside from chocolate and green tea, they also have the original Sucre and Berry Berry.

Del’Immo Cake – IDR 62k
Their signature cake consisting of chocolate and espresso based cake. I personally didn’t like this cake, I expected something light and creamy, but this was the exact opposite. To be fair, I like the flavor, the fact that it’s not too sweet and how pretty it looks!
Danish Chocolate – IDR 20k // X-Mas Rogue – IDR 27k
Must admit that I like their pastries. I think they’re doing a good job with the pastries, especially the X-Mas Rogue with cherry jam. The pastry was fragrant, buttery without feeling and tasty too much like one (which I like), the cherry jam was beautiful too, not very sweet but tasty.

Orange Juice – IDR 37k (large)
Ordered their orange juice just because I think I already had too much sweet and need something to balance or wash it off. Their juices are fresh.
 Choco Brownies – IDR 47k
Another option for avid chocolate fan, if you love creamy, rich, chocolaty and sweet smoothies, I have a good feeling you’re gonna love this.

Overall, I experienced a well-spent afternoon here over good pastries, nice ambiance and good friends! It’s a nice and comfortable place to hangout in Aeon if you’re already bored of what’s there, I can see myself coming back, but maybe not very often because I live quiet far from Aeon. In the meantime, WELCOME TO INDONESIA DEL’IMMO!
With this being the last eatandtreats post of 2015, that means HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 TO YOU GUYS!!! Thank you for the tremendous support towards eatandtreats so far! I can’t thank you guys enough!

I look forward for more amazing food and travel experience in 2016! AMEN!!!

Del'Immo Patisserie and Cafe Tokyo
GF Aeon Mall BSD City
Jalan BSD Raya Utama, Boulevard Barat
Padedangan, Tangerang - Banten 15345
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for Aeon Mall BSD City

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