KONICHIWA! Welcoming St. Marc to Indonesia! The chococro (chocolate croissant bread) specialist is finally expanding their business to Indonesia after all those 300+ outlets spread around Tokyo and an international chain in Shanghai.

You can find a lot of St. Marc(s) in the streets of Tokyo (or the nearest, Singapore) as it's a popular bakery chain there, almost like Breadtalk, BreadLife but with more of the Saint Cinammon appearance in Jakarta. Their specialties are their crunchy and fragrant chococro (chocolate croissant), soft serve and parfaits!

The outlet in Senayan City is located on the LG floor, just across Coffee Bean. It's not exactly huge as it's a semi-island store, but wide enough to accomodate their open kitchen concept, and seats for 30. On my visit, their Chococroc was totally sold out so we had to wait for another 30 mins before having just the chocolate one (the banana and strawberry were completely out of stock and they didn't plan to make another batch very soon).
The ordering system here is queueing, so customers are expected queue, order and pay directy at the cashier. You'll be given numbers to pick up your orders along with the utensils located beside the pick up area. I highly suggest looking through the menu first before actually queueing as the menus here are too varied.
Their beautiful dummies! Whoever made this is freaking talented!
They didn’t only have the display outside the outlet, but also inside the store around the queue area.

Chococro – IDR 20k
I found myself liking their chococro, despite it’s plain look, it's really flaky all the way moist in the middle; and generous melted chocolate filling inside. You can definitely experience a light crunch on each bite. For IDR 20k I honestly didn't find it overpriced. The Classic Fuji and Mango Fantasy however was just ok for me.
The vanilla soft serve had a bit of sour, err it's not sour but it's this kinda funky and acidic flavor to it, but I didn't mind it actually just giving you guys info, and that flavor fit well with the Mango Fantasy with its mango sauce and fresh mango fruit slices. However as you really look at it, the whole Mango Fantasy parfait might be enjoyable, but not something that wow-ed me, I found the pannacotta confusing as it really had this pudding character to it. Based on my experience, the desserts here are a feast to the eye, photogenic for Instagram, but I feel like I can go somewhere that sells this look-a-like with cheaper price.

Classic Fuji – IDR 88k
The highlight of their Classic Fuji has got to be their Danish croissant base pastry which hold the soft serve well. It's again, flaky and sweet with this sugar caramel coating. The red bean was a little too sweet for my liking.
Mango Fantasy – IDR 83k

Good thing about their soft serve is that it didn’t melt very fast.
It's nice to see another Japanese dessert shop opening in Jakarta, and boy do I love Japanese dessert! St. Marc however, did not manage to wow-ed me, it's pretty simple and easy, with taste that's pretty common, easily expectable and not the strongest, but yes it's enjoyable and we managed to finish! PS: I love the friendly service!

Good luck St. Marc and welcome to Indonesia!

St. Marc Cafe
Senayan City LG Floor (across Coffee Bean)
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes


Map for Senayan City

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