Along with the rapid growing number of Coffee shops in Jakarta, particularly in the west, here comes another one: Simetri Coffee in Puri Indah which will open its door for public TOMORROW (08/01/16). Take note bitches! I came to their soft-opening days #access just earlier today and now I am blogging this for you.
Simetri Coffee is located precisely at Jalan Kembang Abadi 7, Puri Indah. Anyway, it can be accessed easily by Waze or Google Maps (yay FTW!).  They prefer to be called a coffee house rather than a coffee shop due to its venue that looked more like a cozy and casual home rather than a coffee shop, and just like the common houses, they have a living room located in the center of their space, designed nicely to create the homey ambiance.

I personally LOVE the design of Simetri (now I’m torn between calling this a coffee shop and a coffee house so I would just call it Simetri instead), it’s so simple and minimalist, the kind of coffee shop that's not overdone, everything seems proper and I like it! BTW minimalist design with a lot of negative space and concrete floor for coffee shop is getting more and more common, but it works tho (and made perfect for OOTD too) so yeah. There are two entrances to Simetri, but upon the main entrance, a personal roasting room will be located at the right side of the main entrance, the roaster told me that they can roast up to 20 kgs of coffee per week! NOW THAT’S A LOT.

Here’s their menu list!

If you follow me on Snapchat, I have snapped the complete list of their menu, for the coffee here they serve espresso based coffees, manual brews (Pour Over V60 and Aeropress). For the espresso based coffees, they offer their own signature Luna blend or a Guest blend for you to choose, and for the manual brew they offer Ethiopia Mokasida and Pantan Musara blend. Besides coffee, they also have non-coffee drinks with their Smores Mocha and Cookies and Cream as their signatures, some teas, fresh juices, they also have a good variety of all day sweet and savory menus (mostly Western menus), pastas and Asian menus. Had some to share with my friends and here they are:
Cups by Loveramics (love this brand!)


Tiny al-fresco area

Assorted Cakes - IDR 30k
My favorite among the three is the moist and tasty carrot cake! It was perfectly gooey with well-balanced sweet. The one with chocolate filling I honestly forgot its name, but it’s also quiet tasty with good texture. The green tea cake was moist, but tasted just common.
Hot Cappuccino & Iced Cappuccino
Had their signature Luna blend and I found the character of their coffee to be pretty light and a little fruity (but forgive me if I am wrong), but overall with subtle finish. I honestly find myself pretty fond of it.

Spro and Tonic & Coco Spro – IDR 32k
These are their signature creations here. The Spro and Tonic reminds me of “Asem Jawa” as it has that strong particular flavor there, the Coco Spro however didn’t seem to convince me enough with the flavor and was a bit confusing.

Pan Egg Chorizo – IDR 49k
Ordered this not only because I love chorizo, but because this dish looked so pretty. Saw this from the table next to us. Seasoning wise, everything was spot on, and I appreciate the generous amount of vegetables, bell peppers, onion and potatoes making it very fragrant. The chorizo was a little rough to chew, and I expected more, but since I saw that they only sell this for IDR 49k it made sense!

Breakie Burger – IDR 60k
This was my favorite menu of the day! The burger buns might be standard, but again, buns are sometimes the least of my worries, but the beef patty was so so good. Asked for medium and it was spot on medium. The seasoning was also beautiful, just simple without overpowering the natural flavor of the beef. The additional sunny side up was something interesting. A recommended menu here.
Potato and Fish – IDR 45k
This was the least of my favorite. The rosti had this taro like texture, it’s just so firm and solid with lack of seasoning. The Guacamole like sauce had too much shallot and onion in it, the texture would be better for me if it’s creamier and richer in basic seasoning such as salt with a hint of lime. The salmon was also overcooked, but I like the salty flavor of the smoked salmon.
I can picture Simetri as a personal space for ones to work on their projects and chores, a workshop space for a private event. I seriously fell for the design and the homey ambiance of this coffee shop, being a coffee specialist, their food to company was not a bad one too. I honestly enjoyed the food, just a little miss here and there.

Tomorrow is their “Appreciation Day”, meaning you can order the coffee you want PAY AS YOU WISH! I REPEAT: PAY AS YOU WISH! Interesting enough, so DO NOT MISS THIS! Don’t forget to hashtag your photos #ngopidirumah

Meanwhile, welcome to the club and good luck Simetri!

Simetri Coffee Roasters
Jalan Kembang Abadi 7 Blok A13 No. 15
Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat
021 - 5835 8895
Opening hours: 8 AM-7 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes!


Map for Simetri Coffee Roasters

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  1. Ohh...Yes!!! SIMETRI COFFEE JAKARTA - PURI INDAH is one of best coffee shops in Jakarta. I passed a few moment in that coffee shop with my friends. There food options are fairly characteristic of a coffee whose main focus is high quality coffee thats we liked.I think Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder maybe useful for this shop.

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