How many of you guys actually aware that the highly famous WARUNK UPNORMAL originated in Bandung is finally coming to Jakarta! Approximately a month ago as this post is written, they opened its first outlet in BSD, last week I made a visit with a few friends to their newest outlet in Cempaka Putih, as well as their first outlet in Jakarta.

This particular Cempaka Putih outlet is located in Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya (North Jakarta) and it’s this two-stories building in black color located not too far from Nasi Goreng Mafia, which is owned by the same owner. The design of the interior was pretty simple, not much going on with the details and deco, just some earthy elements such as wood for the furnitue and bricky layering the wall, and somehow that simplicity appeal to me as it created that proper and cozy space as an eatery for you to hang out with friends while having what they’re most famous for: INDOMIE CREATIONS!
You can talk with me about Indomie forever and we won’t stop. Indomie and I have this incredible connection and we’re officially affectionate towards one another, maybe that’s love HAHA, but seriously how many of you tryna deny how much you love Indomie. As Indonesian as it can be and without exxagerating, Indomie is one of the things that I seriously can’t live without.
Asumming that Warunk Upnormal is designed and concepted to cater the laid-back feeling to the customers and therefore they prepared magazines and little games to add in more fun, and not to mention: WIFI! We had our own little UNO moment here.

So what exactly really “upnormal” about the Indomie here? It’s the way they present the dish! While most people would have the good old Indomie with egg and veggies, they’re trying to elevate the uniqueness of the serving with their creativity. Somehow cafes bringing Indomie as the highlight has become of the most rapid growing F&B trend in town at the moment.
Their Indomie creations are sold in a very affordable price (around IDR 13k-20k) and aside from catering the good old classic, they also have several unique creations such as Indomie Upnormal with cheese sauce, Indomie Goreng Bolognaise, Black Indomie (with additional homemade chili mix), Indomie Sambal Matah, Indomie Goreng Saus Telur Asin and many more. Ok enough yakking let’s dig in to the food we had for lunch that day!
Snapped all the menu so again, if you don’t want to miss anything follow me on Snapchat: STANISLAUSHANS
You can complete your favorite meal with various toppings they have here like eggs, sausages, cheese, kikil (spicy and lenggang kikil), cornef beef and corned beef egg.
Indomie Upnormal – IDR 13,5k
Indomie Upnormal happens to be one of their best sellers here, a classic Indomie with beef ham with a twist from the cheese sauce adding in that extra salty-savory flavor and a hint of creaminess texture to the soup, perfect for rainy days.
Indomie Gokil (Goreng Kikil) – IDR 14,5k
If you’re a virgin to “kikil”, it’s actually the beef cartilage from the leg and commonly used in Indonesian food as a aprt of the cooking ingredient. Here they sauteed the kikil and serve it fresh with the dry green chili Indomie. If you’re used to having kikil, I think you’ll be pretty bias as kikil pretty much goes with everything. They perfectly cook the kikil to have this jiggly, soft and tender texture.

Indomie Goreng Sambal Matah – IDR 14,5k
This is my personal favorite from their Indomie series simply for two reasons: first, I bloddy love Sambal Matah (traditional Balinese chili), secondly, because they managed to make a VERY GOOD one where it’s spicy and well-seasoned!

Besides Indomie, they also have good variety of rice dishes, toasts, desserts and refreshing cute drinks! I noticed they have this rice dish named “Nasi Tanggal Tua” basically dedicated to college kids or office workers who really want to save up at the end of the month. It’s an economical dish consisting of rice and two eggs your way!

Nasi Wagyu Saus Mushroom + Telor – IDR 26,5k
100 grams of wagyu, marinated and thin sliced, and served with their homemade mushroom sauce and one sunny side up. FYI you can totally customize and request how you want your eggs to be cooked. The wagyu was all tender, but I did expect the mushroom sauce to have this more savory flavor.

Nasi Beef Chili – IDR 24,5k
Dice-cut beef cooked in their signature cabai bawang (shallot chili), and again presented with the fried egg. I love the level of spiciness of this dish, it’s biting just a little bit, but altogether a delicious dish with nice seasoning.

Various drinks (starts at IDR 13,5k)
The following thirst quenchers are mostly fun and simple, not exactly artisan drinks, they’re creamy without being overly milky. I personally like the taro and green tea drink, the banana beverage had the potential to taste better if it’s richer.
Ice Lychee Upnormal IDR 13.5k // Banana Latte IDR 14.5k // Ice Jeruk Upnormal IDR 13.5k // Ice Green Tea Latte IDR 14.5k//Ice Anggur Upnormal IDR 13.5k // Taro Latte IDR 14.5k
For the toasts, we had the Half&Half bread, what it means is the combination of two different toppings at your liking on a serving. We had the half-half green tea & Nutella (IDR 17,5k) and half-half taro & banana (IDR 15,5k). The green tea, taro and banana came in powder topping and dressed in condensed milk. Toast starts from IDR 13,5k

Some of their best selling desserts are their ice desserts and grilled banana, if you’re into the classic grilled banana, then I would suggest having their “Pisang Bakar Keju Brown Sugar (IDR 15,5k)” where you can experience the beautiful blend of sweet and savory flavor from the brown sugar and the grated cheddar cheese. They have the more modern grilled banana creation with their “Pisang bakar Es Krim Green Tea (IDR 19,5k)”, technically the same grilled banana base, only with green tea ice cream topping.

Their ice desserts are mostly the tweak of the common Taiwanese desserts we’re seeing in most cafes at the moment, but one thing I notice that they’re using “mochi” a lot in their ice desserts. The mochi might not be my favorite for the mushy and gooey texture, but overall they’re pretty easy and simple to have. My favorite from this serie is the “Green Tea Lover (IDR 27,5k)”, green tea dessert topped with taro pudding and green tea ice cream topping.
Green Tea Lover (IDR 27,5k)
Vanilla Treasure (IDR 27,5k)
Lemon Cheese Godzilla (IDR 27,5k)
What NOT TO MISS here is their Alpukat Milo Kerok (IDR 24k) – scraped avocado served with milo and condensed milk, it might sound simple, but it’s DA BOMB here. They’re using good quality avocado where it’s sweet and gooey just how I love it.

Either you love it or hate it, Warunk Upnormal will stay long and age gracefully. It’s already a brilliant idea that they serve indomie as their main menu here because Indonesians can’t stay too far from it. Probably another reason why they already have so many outlets spread around Bandung and areas nearby, and probably more coming? It’s the kind of place that I will go back again and again with friends if we’re having that sudden Indomie craving and want to chill somewhere without having to spend so much #indomietherapy #happinessisaffordable, and don’t you guys think that Indomie tastes better when someone else’s made it for us? ;)
Warunk Upnormal
Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya No. 102
Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Utara 10510
0817 - 4976 - 565
Opening hours: 10 AM-12 AM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 60k


Map for Warunk Upnormal

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