If you are burger enthusiasts, be happy to face the fact that more and more gourmet burger joints are opening in town, they might not always be in the form of actual outlet, some prefer the fun and unique food trucks, but in whatever form that is, I always burgers my kriptonyte. Flashback to many years ago, the actual burger that I like besides McD's Fillet O'Fish (which by the way is BACK), and the one I used to call "mobile burger", it's mobile because the burgerman drove the stall along with the bicycle and I remember I was always so anticipated and excited with his coming, whenever I hear the trumpet, I would just ask money from my mom (I sometimes even stole, but I was too little to know that I was stealing LOL). It was cheap, and satifying, and now that I am older, it was actually not cooked properly and rather dirty, oh well memories :).

I am so excited about this new burger house which just opened its door for public around a month ago (as this post is written), so may I introduce you guys to BURGO BURGER!
Burgo Burger is located in the Puri Mansion complex, when you make your way from the main entrance, you'll see a small manmade fountain, turn right to the array of clusters and shop houses, and when you see Indomaret, Burgo is located just a few houses away! The black colored building and huge Burgo sign will make it easily noticable.
As you make your way in, you’ll notice this pattern of Tapak Gunung on the floor made from the monochromatic color scheme. Burgo is not exactly spacious, the whole area could accomodate upto 50 people, and there’s not much going on with the design, but that’s honestly something that I like. Lately I have been into simple looking restaurants, the thing that counts to me the most has got to be the food, the design and interior are just the extras. The design however was simple and clean with chessboard inspired themed floor, a little bit of industrial feeling mixed with a little Victorian from the ceiling.

Specializing itself as a gourmet burger restaurants and dedicate itself to burger lovers, Burgo hopes to satisfy everyone’s craving for THE burger. WTF my sentence just sounded like a freaking press release LOL. I came here with my sis and her boyfriend (I need more people to help me dig in) and we shared some of their best selling food and drinks here! Now the question is, is it really THE burger?

Burgo Three Chili Burger – IDR 78k
The Burgo Three Chili Burger consist of 130 gram house grind Australian beef patty, chipotle aioli, tangy green chili, cilantro relish and served with deep fried fries as the sidedish. Short to say, this was the fresher and a fun interpretation of green chili, the hint of sour flavor was pleasing to me, and for me, it really elevated the flavor to this unique taste, and after taste after every bite. I literally had no complaint towards the patty as it was very divine when it comes to that perfectly cooked tender and juicy patty, and not to mention, the good basic seasoning of the beef patty.

When it comes to cooking meat like steaks or beef patty, it’s important not to put too much of the basic seasoning because you really want to keep the original meat flavor (and that juice omg), especially when the burger dish itself is already pretty saucy with different toppings.

The case with the Three Chili Burger and all the burgers I tried here, I can still taste that beautiful texture of the meat and the “meaty” flavor, even after the rich sauce topping. In a nutshell, the beef patties were GORGEOUS.

Burgo Five Chili Burger – IDR 78k
Just when you think the Three Chili is not enough for you, here comes the FIVE CHILI BURGER! Hands down this was my favorite dish that day! Everything about this dish was pretty good, I would refer this as “the delicious safe option perfect for everyone”. When it comes to the level of spiciness of a dish, it’s pretty relative to everyone, but to me it was good without burning my palate! The melted cheese gave that a hint of salty flavor as well as the sticky texture that we all love, I honestly think it was the chili shallot that really gave that extra something special to the overall flavor, I was happy to still experienced that very well balanced salty-spicy and savory flavor. The beef patty again, amazing!

Burgo Memphis MacDaddy – IDR 78k
NOW ALL PORK LOVERS GATHER HERE! How often do you have pork burger?  Well if you’re a virgin to it, read this carefully:
It’s MANDATORY that you had Burgo’s first! It was (another) really good dish with the mix of pork to the patty, topped with the griddled mac and cheese, onion rings (more simple version) and dressed in their signature homemade BBQ sauce. I love how the mac and cheese had this light flavor and the mushy and gooey texture, instead of the very cheesy one that could potentially bloated me. The BBQ sauce was rich, flavor and given pretty generously for a single dish. This was a non-spicy dish, I would be more than happy to mix this with our good old chili sauce and just like that *snap* it’s uhmazing!

Elvis Milkshake – IDR 32k
Their signature Elvis Milkshake is the classic blend of chocolate, peanut butter and banana. Texture wise, it was quite thick and fulfilling, flavor wise, interesting blend of the three ingredients without appealing too sweet!

Amazing burgers, affordable price, this better do good or else I don’t know what’s going on with you. I seriously have good hopes for Burgo as well as how much I hoped they keep their performance consistent. It’s just the first month of the year and I already found one of my new flavors places to dine! Thank you and congrats, Burgo!

Burgo Burger
Rukan Puri Mansion Blok B19
Jalan Lingkar Luar Barat, Kembangan 11610
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 10:30 AM-10 PM
Fri-Sat: 10:30 AM-11 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
WiFi: yes!


Map for Burgo Jakarta

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