Shiraku Soba is one of the newest additions to the evolving Elang Laut area, and I guess the name said it all, Shiraku is a soba specialist restaurant.

If you’ve never been to Elang Laut before, it’s actually quite easy to reach. If you make your way from the main PIK entrance (front entrance), take the usual road that usually takes you to Rumah Sakit PIK, you’ll find a Burger King on your way, and instead of turning right to RS PIK, you turn left and keep straight passing the four way road until you cross the bridge and then turn left, and then turn right, and just like that you’re basically at the Elang Laut area. Shiraku Soba is located align with Itadakimasu if that makes it easier.

Soba is suddenly a big thing right after Abura Soba started the whole thing. I wouldn’t say that Shiraku is Abura’s wanna or look-a-like, as both are totally different. Keep reading.

The restaurant was designed very simply with majority earthy tone and material decorating the whole interior: concrete wall and floor and wood to cater that modern Japanese ambiance. There are two stories in the restaurant building and both has a strict no-smoking policy here. GOOD.

Kicked off with their signature drinks here, besides serving soba, they’re expanding their product by launching homemade artisan tea. The tea is imported directly from Japanese and guaranteed to have premium quality. I tried the signature Genmaicha consisting of Sencha green tea, roasted rice to add in the fragrance, and matcha green tea powder, and since I love bold tea flavor, boy this was delightful. The Genmaicha indeed has strong and rich matcha character, slightly bitter but with a very pleasing aftertaste.
On the other hand, my brother had their homemade Matcha Nutella drink which unexpectedly turned out to be VERY GOOD and served in this unique cookie glass (IDR 35k). I was honestly skeptical about the drink and thought it would be one of those common matcha and nutella mix drink, but I was so wrong. This is entirely my opinion, but to me this drink is very-very addicting.

Tempted to try another one, so we had the Matcha Avocado to share, but I was already sold to the Matcha Nutella so this didn’t left an impression as the previous one lol.
Yaki Tori Gyoza – IDR 36k
An easy appetizer to prepare you before the big boys! Homemade minced chicken dumpling served with their special tare sauce.
They have two kinds of noodle  here: Shiro and Ramen. FYI any kind of noodle is called soba in Japan, so it’s not always one of those thin noodle you see on the cold soba, even Abura Soba’s version is like the thinner version of udon, and Shiraku’s version is like the typical eggy noodle one, with yellow color and simply tempting at any time, so here goes the first point why Abura and Shiraku is different. Personally, I like the firmer kind of noodle so I opted for the Shiro soba.

The variety of the soba dishes are huge, there are probably five pages for the soba alone. Had a pretty big lunch on my visit and shared everything with my brother.

Buta Tan-Tan Soba – IDR 55,8k
This is their simple signature dish, Buta Tan-Tan Soba, a good old soba served with soft boiled eggs, spring onions, sesame seeds, dried seaweed and tender slices of pork (chasiu). They’re using their signature shoyu and tan-tan tare sauce here to elevate the flavor. It’s salty, savory, rich, but not that kind of overpowering rich where it’s all about the MSG, but the one where the aftertaste blended nicely. The chasius were cooked perfectly, resulting this tender slices without eliminating the juicy fatty parts. YUM!

Gyuniku Teriyaki Soba – IDR 75,8k
This one happens to be one of my personal favorites of my lunch that day, I mean just look at that dish! One very appealing and tempting portion of Abura Soba with generous slices of premium Australian Sirloin steak, cooked perfectly medium, and seasoned lightly emphasizing the natural flavor of the beautiful beef to shine. Their signature Miso Tare sauce is still served here with a mix of teriyaki sauce, served with soft boiled eggs (I expected the egg to be a little runny and softer), spring onions, sesame seeds, and dried seaweed. The tender Australian Sirloin steak with its beautiful flavor was such a fit to the firm and more textured soba. A dish I would go back and re-order. For IDR 75,8k, this is a good price.
Tori Katsu Kare Soba – IDR 56,8k
Out of the 3 sobas I had. My personal favorite has got to the curry soba, just something about the firm and eggy soba that match the flavor of the tasty, rich and creamy curry sauce, and not to mention, because of the thick curry sauce itself, you can totally experience the maximum flavor of the curry from every strain of the soba, where the sauce is sticking onto. Mix everything along, it’s just so saucy, rich and DAYUM! Beautiful texture play came from the crunchy deep fried marinated chicken thigh, and because it’s the thigh part, it’s crunchy on the outside (batter/coating) with tender meat.

Gyutan Don – IDR 55,8k
Besides soba, they also have donburi creations, I tried their Gyutan Don, which BTW you can easily find at almost every restaurant in town, I mean like almost every remaining and new restaurant have this on their menus, but of course each and everyone of them executed them differently. Their Gyutan was tender, but I expected more slices and the hint of beautiful spicy flavor to it.
Was tempted to sample their desserts, they have special kakigori (chocolate and fruit ones), but I guess I’ll save that for the next visit J. Short to say, you just can’t compare Shiraku and Abura Soba, they both have different products with different flavors, taste, presentation and all, but again, it’s all back to ones’ preference. I won’t take sides.

Shiraku Soba
Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 39, Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 2986 6563
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
WiFi: yes


Map for Shiraku Soba

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