Bali is one of those places that I will never get bored of, as how I usually described Bali on my previous Bali posts, it’s just a place you can’t get enough of, there’s always something new, something mysterious and something addicting that makes you crave for more of what they have in store. Bali is short to say, amazing. One of the main reasons why I am grateful and fortunate to be born here in Indonesia.

Last month, I had a weekend staycation at InterContinental Bali and I wanna share you guys my experience spending the weekend there endulging the resort and some of the activities I did there. I had to separate the whole post into two posts or else it will be crazy long, this one itself is already photo heavy. PS: in no way this is a paid advertisement so my review is totally unbiased.

Took the early flight and I was SO sleepy (I arrived like 9 AM), and as I arrived, the kind assigned hotel driver was already there to escort me to the resort, and this lef to the first point I want to highlight about InterContinental Bali: LOCATION! Since InterContinental Bali is located strategically at the land of Jimbaran, it took me around 15 minutes from the airport which is convenient as what I really wanted was to reach the hotel, my room and took a nap!
InterContinental Bali is GINORMOUS, the whole area was so spacious that throughout my stay here I found that strolling the whole resort is a good kind of exercise. Quick research online and I found out that the property has been standing there with charm for 23 years (as this post is written), but it’s a very well-maintained resort, hence you won’t feel like staying at an old scary property.

Got booked the club rooms and boy how can I not love club rooms? As I arrived, I was greeted by the friendly butlers who offered me cold towels and welcome drink, and then escorted me to the “Club InterContinental Lounge” for check in. Here’s one of the many perks of upgrading your stay: personalized and convenient check in, all that I needed to do was to chill around and had my continental breakfast, while waiting for my room to be ready.

Why would I recommend you guys to upgrade to Club rooms? Upgrading might cost you a little fortune, but based on my experience, particularly here, you’re getting more value than what you’re paying for (around $65 extra/night). First, the lavish designed club rooms with 24 hours access during your stay. 24 hours means tons of drinks, tons of food and tons of “I-am-gonna-mind-my-own-business” times, 24-hour butler service, a choice of four-breakfast venues, complimentary access to the private Club InterContinental pool (which I regretted for not using), complimentary late check out until 4 PM, luxury bath amenities (more on that later!), complimentary access to 24-hour fitness centre, and unlimited children’s programmed at Club! I think it’s always nice to pamper yourself with a little luxury right?
Afternoon tea goodness
The Club Lounge also offers daily breakfast from 6:30 AM-12 PM, afternoon tea starting from 3 PM, cocktails, wines, sparkling wines and canapes from 5 PM (during this hour, children under 12 won’t be permitted to enter), and late night snacks from 10 PM.

But to be honest, I would recommend upgrading if let’s say during your stay in Bali, you’re spending most of your times at the resort. If you’re planning to browse Bali and return by night, then upgrading would seem a little useless as you will end up not maximizing the advantage of extra facilities.
the walkway to my room
Catered by this beautiful green view!
The room was spacious and designed simply, but overall beautiful. Seems like the perfect room for you to rest, or tempting enough for you to lie around. The bathroom was quite spacious and I was impressed with their choice of bathroom amenities: it’s HARNN people! It's an Asian luxury lifestyle brand and has good reputation for its class and good quality. It was good times dipping in the hot tub with their zesty and citrusy scent shower gel #relaxing

Quick look and I found that they were REALLY GENEROUS with the complimentary bottled waters. I counted and there were at least 6-8 bottles. It’s impossible for you to get dehydrated here, but for those who drink, I am afraid I have to let you know that the minibar didn’t have any liquor inside, well that’s clearly not a problem for me, but for some it might be quite odd.
I appreciate turn down service and glad they had one. FYI turn down service is a kind gesture provided to maximize your sleeping experience without you doing the little works such as closing and locking the windows (sometimes doors), turning off the lights, replacing your used towels, and things like that. I always find it nice and entertaining gesture.
I was so ready to take my beauty nap but the most annoying part is this: the whole resort was so gorgeous that I was more tempted to stroll the resort and take pictures like I didn’t have tomorrow! So there I was strolling the whole resort, taking pictures and continued with lunch.


Jimbaran Gardens is InterContinental Bali’s very own casual restaurant offering local and international cuisine for ones to opt. I love the good variety of meal options you can choose here, especially when you’re confused about having something local or classic International, but here I would suggest their local Balinese meals as they’re very good. The Bebek Betutu that I ordered was GROOL! Came in big portion, seasoned beautifully and freaking tasty! It’s true that it’s best paired simply with rice. The squid and shrimp salad was also fresh and a good starter for the day! Greens won’t hurt you bitch.

Do you know what I honestly really love about InterContinental Bali? How they managed to magically integrated Bali’s traditional value as a resort, and the fact that they’re located at Jimbaran for that quiet and peaceful ambiance that I truly need, particularly on my visit that time. Those might be the quality that's convincing enough to earn them the crown (winner) at World Luxury Travel Award 2015 as well as Bali's Leading Family Resort 2015! If you’ve been to Bali before, you’ll know how versatile Bali is! It’s the land to go to find peace, or go wild and have fun.
Part 2 coming very soon! Thank you for reading. Still have more photos of the resort that I haven’t uploaded, just to keep you surprised!

InterContinental Hotel Bali
Jalan Uluwatu 45
Jimbaran, Badung, Kuta Selatan 80361
0361 - 701888
Room rates may vary depending on the season


Map for InterContinental Hotel Bali

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