Bobbahouse is a humble cafe located along the Citra 6 boulevard, a.k.a paradise for food enthusiasts, especially those living in the west! Personally for me, Citra 6 is a growing neighborhood for F&B, I can really see that area becoming PIK like in a few months, all because of the rapid growing number of cafes and restaurants. Bobbahouse was among the first to join the crowd, and they’re quite popular for their unique and delicious bubble drinks creations and their signature dessert you can’t find anywhere else (at least for now), Pannekoek. More of that later.

If you are familiar with Ninotchka cafe, Bobbahouse is located exactly beside it. I don’t know what’s with that area but Citra 6 is like bloody hot, it’s like a different level of hot I’ve experienced in town, anyways that’s the least matter of this entry, don’t even know why I am talking about it lol.

I’ve been to Bobbahouse like three times, and as much as I can recall, I haven’t had bad experience dining here, I mean for a humble cafe, they serve comfort food that is worth trying and affordable. I really love their pastas and pizzas here (a regular order of mine), especially their aglio olio and the black pizza! Of course you should not come here expecting you’ll get a five-star food quality.

A few weeks ago I came to sample their newest menu line-ups which were mostly sweet stuff. As I mentioned earlier, the “main star” of Bobbahouse is their signature pannekoek, it’s like the combination of martabak and pancake, only this is thinner than martabak and a plate shaped pancake. They just launched 8 new pannekoek variants and some Bobba Madshakes (technically cake shakes). Enough with the yakking, let’s celebrate the feast, and prepare yourself from the sugarhigh!

Chocolate Fever – IDR 55k
Chocolate based pannekoek with Ovomaltine, shredded Toblerone, choco bites, jelly, fresh banana, bobba and chocolate ice cream topping. If you love something that is very chocolaty, rich and bold, I believe you’re going to dig this to the last bite, however I think when it comes to chocolate, the flavor is kinda expected, but still,  The generously given ovomaltine and shredded toblerone is something you can’t resist! I love the play of texture from the jelly and bobba, and a hint of flavor from the banana.
Merry Berry – IDR 42k
Merry Berry is dedicated for strawberry lovers! Strawberry based pannekoek with fresh strawberry, jelly, bobba and strawberry ice cream toppings! Strawberry has never really been my huge thing, but this is still quite enjoyable.
High-C – IDR 49k
As expected, High-C uses orange based pannekoek and topped with fresh kiwi, jelly, bobba, mango cream spread, and vanilla ice cream. I found this pretty unique, I might expected more sour kick to balance the flavor.
Matcha Aisu – IDR 55k
Green tea classic! Green tea pannekoek base with crushed green tea Kit Kat, jelly, bobba and green tea ice cream topping. They use Diamond green tea ice cream and that’s among my favs in the market. Flavor wise, this is probably my favorite: simple, tasty and among all, it’s green tea!
Greenomatoes – IDR 50k
Vegetarians are in their radar and one of their savory pannekoek: Greenomatoes is dedicated to vegetarians! Vanilla base pannekoek layered with mushroom sauce, then topped with deep fried battered mushroom, onion, tomatoes and lettuce. The fried mushroom was perfectly cooked with crispy coating and moist center.
Mushroom Chicken – IDR 54k
Their original pannekoek served with chicken, veggies, bell pepper, mushroom and grated cheese. I like the seasoning of the chicken alongside the sauce as it really elevated the overall flavor of this dish. I think I’ve always enjoyed savory dishes with bell pepper as I think it gave this unique and twist of flavor that I like.
Katsu Mayo – IDR 54k
Same base, only different toppings: chicken katsu dressed in spicy mayo sauce and a little veggies. The chicken katsu can be a little more tender, but I appreciate the thick and chunky cuts.
Lady Pepper – IDR 55k
Dedicated for those who are in need of stronger kick of seasoning and flavor: Lady Pepper! Chicken, mushroom and vegetable tossed together with their signature blackpepper sauce! Now the chicken here is more tender comparing to the katsu mayo one, probably because of the dice cuts. Overall it was spicy without overpowering and burning the palate.
 Generally their shakes are quite enjoyable and tasty, my advice was to make it creamier instead of icier.
Goreozilla – IDR 52k
Bobbahouse’s Oreo milkshake topped with whipped cream, cherry, snickers, waffle, oreo, green tea flavored pocky and chocolate sauce. Didn’t see how the green tea pocky affected the flavor, but it indeed gave a little touch of color. I like the fact that it wasn’t very sweet.
Strawberry Field – IDR 49k
Strawberry milkshake topped with homemade cronut, fruit loops, strawberry jam, waffle, strawberry pocky and fresh strawberries! As explained by the name itself, a field for strawberry lovers! Applause for the cronut!
Volcano Attack – IDR 52k
I don’t know why everytime I see brownies on top of cakeshakes all that I can think in mind is “marhaban ya kalori”, this might be the most sinful among four, but easily people’s favorite! Chocolate milkshake topped with brownies, marshmallows, chocolate pocky and drizzled in chocolate sauce. To the contrary, this was the least creamy to my liking.

Sakura Dream – IDR 52k
Green tea milkshake topped with homemade cronut (yay!), corn flakes, green tea pocky and fruit loops surrounding the “lip” part of the glass. So glad they did not use the cheapass green tea powder in this drink and that is already good enough for me.

Cakeshakes are really happening right now and they sure don’t want to take this trend for granted. The new menus are quite enjoyable, even though I’ve had better cake shakes somewhere, but again, they’re a humble cafe serving comforting F&B, and for me, they’re good enough.

Ruko Citra Garden 6 Blok J5A No. 19-20
Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat
021 - 2940 5583/82
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual

Map for Ninotcha (Bobbahouse is located just beside)

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