Heyho! Back from my short hiatus and my short trip to Bandung, but I am back with so many to share to you, and in this post I am going to be talking about this newly opened modern Japanese restaurant in Senopati called FUJIN!

Ok, a little background, Fujin is a new venture by the Biko group, which also owns establishments such as Pao Pao and Beer Garden. If you’ve dined in Rayjin (Seminyak) before, then I had a good feeling that you’re gonna love this, it’s basically Rayjin, translated to the Jakarta market and born Fujin.

I was invited to their pre-opening dinner a couple of days ago, but as usual I already shared a few teasers on my Instagram, but since it’s a friendly dinner, rest assure as it’s not going to change how I feel about the food, service and all about the night.

First off, the location. It’s not exactly hard to find, but since they’re located in Gunawarman, that area is pretty well known for having random numbers, meaning 2 is not always beside 1. Fujin is located at Gunawarman street number 21, and I remember Hurricane’s Grill is the 20, and truth is Fujin is NOT located right beside Hurricane’s Grill (like how I assumed it), and infact it’s located just before Torino, and on the right side of the street.
Okay, I LOVE their ambiance. I love the fact that the place was design in a simple way, not exactly super spacious and had low ceiling, somehow it created that “togetherness” and “homey” feeling to it. I also love the fact that they appreciate casualty here. You don’t need to dress up fancy (even though I know Jakarta people always do when they go out), and you know you just want to come for good food with good friends. They’re opening for lunch soon, but to be honest I think I will love how this place looks during dinner time. There’s just something about the crowd, the big bar/open kitchen in the middle and sort of dimmed yellow lighting that I like about this place.

Technically, the whole area is smoking area, but they limited the smoking policy before 6 PM, so after 6, the whole area is a smoking area.

They serve modernized Japanese cuisine cooked in Hiroshima-style teppanyaki, all concepted and created through the cold hands (and brain) of Chef Banny, who owns the Rayjin in Bali. Had a brief look at their menu (which I also snapchatted) and I was quite happy that they didn’t really jacked up the pricing even though they’ve brought it here. I would say the food here is still pretty affordable - middle to high pricing.

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This is just so Rayjin! Reservation is a must if you want them to hand-drawn your name!

I came with two of my friends and together we share the feast from their Japanese tapas list, teppanyaki and desserts, and here they were:
Here they also offer you options of their signature Japanese whiskey and cocktails.

Mentaiko Potato Cheese Pizza – IDR 70k (small)
This would be a good option for those who never tried potato pizza before. Potatos slices arrange as a round, baked together with the mozarella cheese and mentaiko! The mentaiko (cod roe) was given generously to this dish and I love how it gave that kick of salty. This was actually an easy & simple dish, but executed nicely.
Tuna Tataki – IDR 75k
Their Tuna Tataki was one of my most favorite dishes here. First, I still don’t get how they managed to batter and cook the tuna with crispy coating on the outside, while still manage to have that raw consistency in the center, and secondly, it’s just pure awesome in every way. You got the texture contrast from the crispy coating to the soft center, I was fond of the beautiful balance of sour of this dish. This is a must try.
Chicken Nanban – IDR 85k
Sweet and sour marinated chicken wih Japanese tartar sauce
I LOVE THIS! I had this at Rayjin before and so far it’s still my favorite menu from this restaurant. The marinated chicken cooked in teppanyaki style and served with their homemade Japanese tartar sauce, the chicken was very tender and juicy, and there’s something about the seasoning that’s just so perfect! You got sweet, savory and salty in the same time, and the goddamn tartar sauce just elevated this dish!
Butterfish Misozuke – IDR 85k
The butterfish (Ibodai) was one of the highlighted dish here. Butterfish teppanyaki with Miso sauce glaze. The fish had this soft and silky texture and a tad firm. Overall, it’s actually quite enjoyable, but I think I would love the fish if it’s softer (like yellowtail or dory), and the miso sauce to have this bolder flavor.
Pork Belly Shogayaki – IDR 85k
I might be overusing the world “favorite”, but truth is, it’s another favorite of mine! The pork belly was simply uh-mazing, it’s just so fatty, so tender and juiiiiicy! Again, teppanyaki pork belly cooked in Shogayaki or Japanese spicy ginger sauce, and served in searing hot pot with onion. It’s a pure bliss when you know you have fatty pork belly with its juice and seasoning bursting out all over the hot pot and the onion giving that extra fragrance to the dish. MUST TRY!
Macha Ogura Shiratama – IDR 45k
Their homemade macha ice cream served with mochi and red bean (ogura). No it’s not one of the most mainstream Diamond green tea ice cream and the cheapo Jasmine-scented one.
Cheesecake Cocktail – IDR 45k
For someone who’s not a big fan of cheese like me, this for me was pretty light and tasty. If you’ve ever tried Dore cheese cake before (yes that famous cheesecake), it’s pretty much like it, only softer and lighter in a way. Inside there’s cookies crumble with a little orange liqueur and mix berries sauce!
PS: sad that they’re running out of Meltique Steak </3.

I haD zero complaints towards the food, all I know was that I had a good dinner over good Japanese food and good talks with friends, and you can trust me when I say they're actually quite consistent, and didn't treat us any special just for that particular day (it wasn't even a media gathering and I rsvp like very late), I have been to Rayjin three times and just never had a single bad experience here. Let’s hope they’re consistent with everything.

They currently only open for dinner, but I heard they’ll start opening for lunch on the 12th, so if you’re one of these IG freaks who care so much about good daylight then wait until the 12th, but I just can’t, Good food is hard to resist, do note that reservation is recommended.

Congrats on the opening, Fujin! Have a good feeling you’ll do good.

Jalan Gunawarman No. 21
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 2751 3030/3838
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 AM - 3 PM
Monday - Friday closes at 12 PM
Saturday - Sunday  closes at 1 PM

Map for Fujin

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