I can’t be happier than knowing that my friend, Natasha Ali, or she’s probably more well-known as @mingmonglie on Instagram is finally having her own physical store. The cake shop is easily noticeable, it’s located just a few shophouses away from Legend of Noodle, even more when you visit the cake shop nowadays as the array of flower-boards are still packing the store, so it should be eyecatching enough for you.

I am always excited about her and what she’s going to do next, because when you know her and actually look at her creations (that you can also stalk on her Instagram), she is like one of the most passionate and talented people you can meet in your life, and the fact that she’s still very young and have been living independently from her passion just made her even cooler.
As far as I concern, she bakes some of the most delicious and good looking cakes I’ve ever seen in life. Some of them are even not only good-looking, but really cute and one of a kind!
I love her beautiful little cake shop, it really felt like you’re in this little sweet wonderful led by the sugar minister, Ming herself with her own fabulous & beautiful cakes. You probably have diabetes already just by looking at her cakes, and good thing is, you can have a little piece of them and take them home with you.

I think I am done with talking, let’s take a little tour of the shop and her beautiful creations

Their petite cupcakes! I love their red velvet and the double chocolate!

Sugar Ministry’s Signature Chocolate Cake!
This is their newest creation: banana chiffon cake (whole cake - IDR 250k)! This was superb! It’s very light and fluffy in texture, fragrant and tasty. Awesome combination of banana cake and chocolate drizzle. YUM!
I feel like my one-week sugar needs is done on this single visit.
The pricing of the cakes here are reasonable, it’s about IDR 35k-45k for each sliced cake, IDR 20k for mini cupcakes, and IDR 300k (starting) for whole cakes! Most of the times, she’s very well known for her fondant cake arts and the cost for each cake is definitely vary depending on how much the ingredients used, so do contact her here for personal information!

Here’s her personal detail, make sure you take note of this.

Congrats on this more elevated venture of yours, Ming. Wish you nothing but the best of luck! Just remember that passionate people will always win!
Sugar Ministry
Pantai Indah Kapuk


Map for Rumah Sakit Pantai Indah Kapuk

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