Lewis and Carroll is officially one of the most talked about new spot this month! I’ve seen so many posts about this newly opened tea house spread all over the social media and that means I need to keep my feet on the ground!

I appreciate that there’s finally another place which choose to concentrates on the tea as the fact is, Jakarta is packed with the rapid growth of coffee houses, in a way it brings such refreshment to the scene, both caffeine, but each one is very different J

Lewis and Carroll is located at Bumi Four at Jalan Bumi, South Jakarta. I DID NOT expect the place to actually be this spacious, I really thought that it’s just going to be a pretty little place with homey ambiance, but what I experienced was the exact opposite, well still very homey tho with beauitful, simple and minimalist design! If you’re a daylight seeker for the sake of your Instagram shits, trust me you’re gonna love this place as it’s “surrounded” with good daylight during the day!

As some people would say: this place is made for Instagram, especially for those who are food, OOTD and architecture enthusiasts! Oh well, that’s everything already.

Here they offered you guys 12 selections of teas: Black, Black Blend, White, White Blend, Herbal, Green, Green Blend, Oolong, Oolong Blend, Spice, Fruits, or Flower. I wanted to try their hot and cold beverages and since I am into fruit/flower teas and black teas, I opted for the “Essence of Eden” for the cold beverage and “Autumn Bloom” for the hot one. The Signature teas are priced at IDR 35k, Heritage IDR 50k and Collection for IDR 70k/pot.

They occupy the magestic Alpha Dominche to brew their teas here, rumor has it that each of this machine will cost you a bit of your fortune ($15 freaking thousand freaking dollar), but you know when they say that you get what you paid for, then that’s the case of Alpha Dominche here, the owner, Anton kindly offered me to see how L&C brew their teas here.
The machine’s connected to this iPad panel thingy and considering each tea genetically brought different character, the tea barista would have to select the pre-selected preset. The preset consist of basic temperature, brewing time and process information, and that to bring the best outcome character of each tea.

The tubes here then will start heating, spraying water and gas, bubbling, it literally felt like you’re in this futuristic tea lab, and for a moment I finally noticed something smart enough to keep me alive. Here, Anton’s brewing the “Essence of Eden” tea from the cold tea selections which I sampled, and it was divine!
I learned that they wanted to keep the quality of their products to the upmost, and that’s why they DO NOT do refills here, and besides, from the brewing process, all of the leftover tea leaves are thrown away and you only get that  first fresh extract.

Snow Owl – IDR 55k
My friend’s order, did not try it, but the tea pot that you're looking at right now is available for sale, that if you want to spend IDR 1,4 mil each.
The Essence of Eden (IDR 55k) tea was beautiful, it’s mostly apple teas and the tea was just rich, fruity and very fragrant, something that I would need on hot days. The Autumn Bloom (IDR 55k) was also rich with subtle aftertaste that didn’t leave that sour aftertaste in your mouth, just so clean and flowery.
Autumn Bloom (IDR 55k)

Truffle Fries – IDR 40k
My friend ordered the Truffled Mashed Potato (IDR 35k) but I forgot to snap a pic of it. However, I didn’t like it as it was lacking of the aroma and flavor of truffle oil. Texture wise, it was a little too thick and gooey for me too. In contrary to the mashed potato, the truffle fries was amazing! It was very aromatic, crunchy with moist inside, a good example of how a truffle fries should be executed.
Aglio Olio – IDR 70k
Their Aglio Olio was overall good with al-dente pasta, only a little salty for my liking, but the condiments were generous. I quite enjoyed this.
L&C Fried Rice (with salmon) – IDR 60k
I knew exactly that I was not going to skeptical and knew that this was going to be an amazing dish once it served on the table, for some reasons it had that perfect smokey aroma and beautiful golden brown color, and boy it freaking was. The portion and the salmon was given quite generously for a single serving, beautifully seasoned as well with overall flavor headed to the sweeter side, but still pretty much OK for a salty-savory guy like me.
Carbonara - IDR 80k
It’s pretty weird that somehow when I had a bite, their Carbonara had this “opor ayam” flavor to it. I know it sounds so wrong but I asked my friend to have a bite and she also said the same thing so yeah.
Matcha Pannacotta – IDR 55k
Honestly way smaller that I thought it would be from those IG pictures that I saw (screw you Instagram), but texture and flavor wise, one of the yummiest Matcha Pannacotta I’ve had! The texture was perfect: soft, jiggly, creamy and melt in your mouth. The only downside was my pannacotta came in crack and slightly slanted, at that moment I was chatting with a friend of mine who apparently is a friend of the owner and I thought she told the owner and he came with a new one.

Nutella French Toast – IDR 55k
The Nutella French Toast was altogether beautiful: beautifully cooked with beautiful amount of Nutella and banana. I LOVE the fact that they pair this dish with the Chai ice cream from Eskimomo (Gosh I love their ice creams), it kinda gave that kick of refreshment to my palate.
Don’t you guys ever wish that you could cum and produce Nutella loads? Must be DA YUM!
Anton told me that L&C is very open in collaborating with local artists and brands, so if you think you have a brand/company that you are confident enough with, and considered yourself qualified enough, you can propose something interesting that you have in mind.

Place wise, L&C is one of the best looking cafes this year. I really wanted to put them in my “best restaurant/cafe” list, but I need to be more convinced, I will definitely come and sample more of their food and what they have in store.

The lunch for two cost around IDR 800k for two, including some of the gift teas that I purchased. Anton tried to waive off my bill, I secretly agreed, but I secretly paid everything.

I have this belief that this place will do good. You kinda know it once you entered their space, it’s thoughtful with that sense of art and aesthetic. Good luck!

Thank you for reading!

Lewis and Carroll
Jalan Bumi No. 4
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12120
021 - 2702 660
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes!


Map for Lewis and Carroll

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  1. eww.. "Don’t you guys ever wish that you could cum and produce Nutella loads?".. this is quite an inappropriate pun for a food blog.

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