I feel like kedai roti bakar is now a growing trend in the Jakarta’s F&B scene. The last two or three months, I’ve seen such a good growing number of them, and personally, I’ve tried like 70% of them, including Kedai Keibar, which just opened its newest branch in Cibubur.

This happens to be their third outlet, they already have two more outlets each located at Pamulang and Ciputat (located beside UNJ) if they’re most accessible for you, but honestly I love this particular outlet of theirs as I feel it stands out among the crowd. If normally kedai roti bakar looks like a... “kedai” or little shophouses and street food stalls, Kedai Keibar actually occupies a newly furnished mini cluster. It’s located strategically just beside Mang Kabayan and Hanamasa. The design of the building was nothing special, but it’s pretty clean, comfortable and more than proper for “kedai”.

PS: I don’t know which outlet of theirs is the biggest.
Toast is their main thing here, as I browsed their menu, I noticed they were pretty creative with the presentation. I stumbled upon their Roti Bakar Marshmallow and pretty much everything with ice cream as the topping. They also have several savory menus, some drinks, and martabaks here including their very own “Fettucimie” – Indomie goreng with milk soup and smoked beef cuts! Indomie goreng just never go out of style damnit.
A little nostalgia to my childhood as my mom used to cook me this item she used to call “martabak Indomie” where you mix the Indomie with two eggs and pan fried it, THAT you can also find it here! Going to talk more about this, but in the mean time, just scroll the pictures down below to see how they prepare the toasts!

 Let’s surf more of what they have in store!
Iced Thai Tea, Iced Double Ovomaltine, Iced Taro Milk and Iced Greentea Latte
Iced Taro Milk – IDR 11k (regular), IDR 18k (jumbo), Iced Thai Tea – IDR 10k (regular), IDR 18k (jumbo) 
These are some of their best sellers here, my personal favorite would be their iced taro milk as the flavor’s so close to my standard liking, generally the drinks were not overly milky, it’s such a very affordable sweet refreshments!

Iced Double Ovomaltine – IDR 10k (regular), IDR 16k (jumbo)

Iced Greentea Latte – IDR 13k (regular), IDR 20k (jumbo)
Roti Bakar Marshmallow With Green Tea Ice Cream – IDR 24k (including the ice cream and fruity pebbles)
This was the prettiest among the other toasts that I had as it’s the only one with colors LOL. The marshmallow topping was very generous inside, making it appear more like a marshmallow sandwich! They’re so using Diamond’s green tea ice cream and good for them as it’s one of my most favoritre green tea ice creams out there in the market – too bad they don’t sell it for customers – and the fruity pebbles gave additional colors, texture and flavor to the toast!

Roti Bakar Silverqueen Chunkybar With Crushed Peanuts Toppings, Oreo And Cheese – IDR 26k
If you paid attention to the name, I think you already imagined how insanely delicious (and sinful) this treat is going to be! Silverqueen Chunky Bar + Peanuts + Oreo + Cheese! The topping was given generously and let’s just be honest, how can this be wrong? Chocolate meets cheese and peanut was simply a heaven to your palate. Enough said.

Roti Bakar Nutella With Oreo Crumbs, Ogura Ice Cream And Condensed Milk – IDR 24k
Don’t even know how to begin explaining about this as I don’t think it needs one. Generous Nutella filling spread, generous oreo crumbs, one big scoop of Ogura ice cream and condensed milk, again, how can this be wrong?
Their breads were not the fluffiest ones, but nowhere near hard, but to be completely honest, when I happen to be here again with my friends, all those texture thingy would be the least of my worries, I knew I am going to finish everything eventually as long as there are good talks, good ice creams, generous Nutella and I am sold! AM I RIGHT?

Fettucimie – IDR 11k (regular), IDR 16k (jumbo) + Smokedbeef topping (IDR 4k)
I first mistaken this as Indomie kuah with milk soup, but they actually use Indomie goreng. Here you’re looking at their jumbo size with two Indomie goreng. The flavorful Indomie goreng ingredients blended very well with the creamier milk flavor, resulting this eggy flavor, the salty smokedbeef really helped enhancing the flavor, it’s just altogether GOOD.
Besides smokedbeef, you can add in some other toppings such as eggs (IDR 3k), corned beef (IDR 4k), cheese (IDR 4k) and meatballs (IDR 4k).

Marmie – IDR 7k (regular), IDR 13k (jumbo) + Corned Beef (IDR 4k) and Mayo (IDR 3k)
Their Marmie (Martabak Indomie) was thin and crispy, and I highly suggest adding in the corned beef or anything savory to enchance the flavor...and the fun! If you love cheese, you can add in additional cheese topping (IDR 4k).
Kedai Roti Bakar seems like the perfect alternative for those who want to hangout without having to spend a lot of money and feeling ripped off afterwards, and Kedai Keibar is one of my top recommendations: clean space, affordable price & decent quality! They start opening at 4 PM, and weekend nights are always packed so do come earlier!

Kedai Keibar Cibubur
Jalan Alternatif Cibubur KM.01
Cibubur, Jakarta Timur
Opening Hours: 4 PM - Midnight
0896 3005 0027 | LINE: KedaiKeibar
Average spending for two: IDR 60k


Map for Mang Kabayan