My latest Korea trip was the first time that I actually travelled with mom alone, when we usually travel together as a whole. Must be honest here, I did have one of those skeptical pre-travel thoughts about travelling with mom like: “will she be any fun to travel with?”, “will be she moody and act complicated all the time?” to the more selfish ones like “will she be able to take good pictures of me?” HAHAHA OMG I am such a bad kid just by having the thoughts, but hey I am being completely honest here!

Turned out, the trip has changed the way I see my mom as a travel partner! I managed to summarize all those impressions into 5 main reasons. Here are the 5 things I learn about travelling with my mom!
1. That she has an amazing photography skill!
From the moment I saw the first few frames she shot of me, I instantly had ZERO doubts about her picture taking skill. It’s funny when you look at the way she shot things as she barely looked at the viewfinder and the screen and trust me when I say she shot everything in a freaking “manual”, I only gave her a brief focusing and exposure setting and she rocked the rest of it.

I shot mostly with my Sony camera, so my mom carried my Fuji camera and I didn’t recall these shots so she must’ve shot these!
Even love the blurry one!

These are some of the shots that she took of me.

Maybe after all this time, I have secretly inherited this photography skill from her.

2. That she actually eats a lot
I never actually knew that my mom could eat a lot, as in Jakarta she’s like the fat police, encouraging my dad and I not to eat a lot, but probably it’s the weather there, since it was so cold, hence we got hungry easily, we literally ate like crazy apes, and I was quite surprised to learn that throughout the trip, my mom ate more than me! She could finish what I couldn’t, in a way I was very glad of this fact! When you travel and eat more, that means you’re HAPPY!

My mom used to be a pain in the ass to eat with, she literally couldn’t have anything besides Chinese food, and she even told us that she always felt dizzy after having pizza (wth?) and she hates sushi (until now), and I feel like I kinda convert her appetite, and trust me she is WAAAAAY more fun to eat with!

3. That she’s actually PRETTY COOL to travel with!
She wasn’t complaining and acting complicated throughout the trip, she was actually very chill. I was afraid that she couldn’t handle all the walking but she actually enjoyed every bit of it and asked me to find a way where we walk more, enjoying the great autumn ambiance and the fresh Seoul air!

 4. That she loves me and I love her even more J
She’s a natural caretaker, that’s what I can say. Since we’re on tour, we’re scheduled to wake up at 6 every morning (annoying wake up call). She always woke up 1 hour before me, finished getting ready and all that stuff, and every morning I woke up to know that she had prepared everything for me, including all the little details like the new socks, gloves, scarf, glasses, you know that little gesture goes along the way, in my heart.
Among the trip she worried a lot about me, especially because she knew that I was not the type of person who deal well with cold, she always asked me whether I wanted more cover, I wanted a drink, all this and that.

I really wanted this trip to feel special, as I was travelling with the most important woman in my life, and that’s why I didn’t purchase any WiFi router or simcard to stay connected to the internet, and I didn’t regret doing that... AT ALL! I did not care about updating social medias and works, and I literally felt like a champ for looking less at the freaking phone, something that I clearly can’t do in Jakarta, but planning to. Quality time deserves more appreciation!

5. That I would love to travel with her again!
What more can I say? She’s just an amazing travel partner! I would love to have more adventures with her!

PS: I am sorry that I actually lied to you about the meat we had sometime during our dinner, we were having such a glam BBQ dinner, and I secretly asked for Wagyu beef, FYI my mom can’t have beef due to religious reason, and to my surprise, the Wagyu looked like pork idk why, and I convinced my mom to have it and lie by saying that it’s actually pork! My mom had several bites of the meat, enjoyed ‘em while still thinking that she’s having pork *evil smile* hashtag #meankid

Hello you’re in Korea and you didn’t have the most wonderful Wagyu? I guess nobody’s guilty here as infact I was helping my mom expanding her palate class #defensive! I’d rather be responsible for that particular sin rather than knowing that my mom, for once, missed the chance to try one of the most exciting beef EVAAAH!

TRY TRAVELLING WITH YOUR MOM, it might surprise you!