There's a new ramen house in Gunawarman, Senopati called Yoisho Ramen that just opened for public two weeks ago (as this post is written), first, I love the name, Yoisho is actually a Japanese word that's normally used as the word of encouragement to oneself of others, short to say, even before trying, it kinda made excited.
Yoisho Ramen is located precisely where Namaaz is, at Gunawarman street building number 42, or if you're familiar with Prodia at Gunawarman, it's located just across. Just when I was about to enter the main restaurant, one thing that caught my attention was the fact that they had outdoor seating area dedicated for smoking guests or those who want to bond with nature (err...), the outdoor area's actually a tad too green to slurp on my ramen, but if that's how they want to do it, I have nothing to say.
I love the interior, it's properly spacious, very homey, neat with this kitchen area where you can peek in if you want to, and attached to the kitchen was this bar seating area if you feel like dining as close as possible to the slurp-factory, anyway I love how the kitchen was clean and hygiene and OH they are 100% HALAL HERE, as currently they don't have any pork menus, so if you, my Muslim friends are reading this right now, rest assured.
On the day of my visit (Saturday afternoon), 3/4 of the dining space was occupied, took the interior photos when the crowd started to slow down a bit.
Chicken broth in process, they occupied long cooking hours to create the broth they fancy.
Quick scan of their menu and I notice just how the prices of the food here can be considered affordable: ramen starts from IDR 55k-60k (with additionals from IDR 9k), other Japanese dishes like Gyoza, Karaage, Chicken Nanban, Bao starts from IDR 33k and drinks from IDR 10k. Because they don't serve pork here, so don't expect Tonkotsu based ramen (I know right too bad :(), instead they offer you various Shio (salt) and Miso based ramen and dry ramens (Mazemen)
Tori Gyoza - IDR 45k
I love the gyozas here! I think they're chunky, filled with generous filling, seasoned just right and altogether fresh.
Mushroom Gyoza - IDR 33k
Vegetarian friendly gyoza with generous mushroom filling
Honey Butter Potato Chips - IDR 35k
Now this one is the troublemaker aka one of my favorite of the lunch that day! The potato chips was beautifully fried and the honey butter dressing was absolutely on point, altogether this nice blend of sweet, salty and buttery. LOVE!
Be careful, ramen porn's coming!
Some of their dry ramens!
Miso Paitan Ramen - IDR 55k
First of all, because I was fully aware that they don't have Tonkotsu ramen here I prepared myself not to expect more than I should, especially since I also know the Shio and Miso based character, so if you're reading this and you're looking for Ikkudo, Ippudo, or Ikkousha like ramen then let me tell you upfront that this is not the place for you. However, this Miso Paitan Ramen is clearly not bad, the broth could be tastier to fit locals' palate (but if that's their idealism so yeah...), but the chicken was perfect: perfectly cooked, lean and uber tender. I had no problem with the thicker chewy noodle because I honestly like the firmer type of noodle.

Spicy Miso Paitan - IDR 60k
This is the spicy version of their Miso Paitan, the spiciness was alright, again the broth could be tastier and bolder, however that chicken tho...love!
If you ask me to choose between the dry or soup ramen here, I would go straight to the dry ramen one because I think in terms of overall flavor, the dry ones were stronger, bolder and richer. I tried two of their highlights from the dry ramens: Green Chili Paitan (IDR 60k) and Shoyu Mazemen (IDR 55k). So glad that they actually had the Green Chili Paitan dry ramen, I take it as a appreciation for the local delicacy and it was well seasoned, pretty rich, with that firm chewy noodle that I found a better match for their dry ramen, properly spicy and addicting, and as for the Shoyu Mazemen, it's safe, subtle, yet seasoning can go way bolder.
Shoyu Mazemen - IDR 55k
Green Chili Paitan - IDR 60k
Look at that glorious ramen and green chili on it!
When you really look at their ramens, I really do think that they have huge potential to be very good, that's if they twist the seasoning stronger, it's like when you have them you go "this is good, this is fresh but I need that kick that's lacking", but when you really pay attention to the details, the toppings were fresh, the chicken was amazing, corns were nice, I'm guessing this is so easy to fix, and wishing them the best of luck!

Still not losing hope for the Tonkotsu MWAHAHAHA. Waiting for that!
Yoisho Ramen
Jalan Gunawarman No. 42
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
0811 - 1811 - 100
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for Yoisho Ramen

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