There's a new gelato shop opening in Jakarta, precisely in Senayan City, if you don't mind me introducing, cheers to aROMA Gelato Experience!

Initially thought that this was a local brand due to the name, but it was actually more like a-roma instead of aroma as in "fragrant" or "harum" in Indonesia, and the brand is originated from Italy.
I feel like answering what everyone else is wondering, if you think that aROMA is mostly likely to be the competitor of the previously established GROM then there's a big possibility, it had the same main product sold (gelato & sorbet duh), identical display look, mostly the common flavors but just a tad difference on the price point and the additional topping that GROM doesn't have: chocolate sauce bath on your gelato.

Generally the price point of aROMA is just a tad cheaper compared to GROM, but expect to find common flavors of gelato and sorbets like dark chocolate, vanilla hazelnut, coconut, stracciatella, pistachio, mango, lime, or something a little more unique like the coconut-nutella. Guests are more than welcome to choose the size of the serving and whether they prefer cup or the crispy cones (they have small, medium, large up to three scoops).

aROMA's located at Senayan City LG fl, near the escalator and locating what used to be Face Shop's island store.
Vanilla Bean + Dark Chocolate with chocolate sauce topping
The gelato was delicious, that's for sure, it's sweet, creamy with rich flavor but it's just that if you ask me to compare it with GROM, I honestly don't know how to compare, the dark chocolate was pretty much the same, nothing extra different, nothing extra-ordinary but equally delicious. While the friend that I went with didn't enjoy the sticky dark chocolate sauce as he found that the chocolate tend to stick of his mouth-ceiling, as for me, I really enjoyed the extra love! It was pleasing to look at, and after all chocolate won't harm you.
Coconut and Mango sorbet
As for the mango, aROMA's was definitely better than GROM to my liking, it was not overly sweet and it still had that hint of sour that I appreciate. I honestly wonder why everytime I found a "mango" flavor dessert in Jakarta they also go with the plain sweet, a touch of sour is very refreshing tho.
Pistachio and Hazelnut + chocolate sauce coating
Now to my all time favorite combo: HAZELNUT + PISTACHIO! aROMA's take on both flavors were BOMB, but again it's very identical with GROM's version (and believe me I am very familiar with both GROM's hazelnut and pistachio) that if you asked me to do a blindfolded test I might lose, the only thing I found different (but still wasn't very sure) was that aROMA's pistachio gelato was a tad sweeter but a tad less creamier, just a very tad tad.

Anyway it doesn't matter that the flavors were identical because after all what really matter is the flavor and theirs were SO GOOD, so rich, sweet and absolutely addicting. Defo the combo that I'd always recommend.
Flavors will be rolled at certain months so watch out for that, in the meantime pay attention to what I am about to say: celebrating their grand opening, they're giving away 300 cups of gelato FOR FREE, today (December 10th 2016) at 2-3 PM! Mark your calendar bitches!

Welcome to the club and thank you for being delicious.

aROMA Gelato Experience
Senayan City LG Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Senayan City

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