Oh my God I feel like a champ because literally a zillion ton of you couldn't stop Snapchatting me and DM-ing me on Instagram asking basically the same thing:

"Where the fuck is the Christmas Dinner 2016 list?"

I am very glad if this is anticipated and hopefully it can be the guide you look up to. 2016 has been a terrific year for F&B business and there are more new places opening more than last year, but truth be told, only 5% of the new ones that are qualified enough to pass my standard.

I always start the post with basically the same long-ass boring opening and how about let's just cut it short and enjoy the list, here are my top recommendations on where to go to have the most wonderful Christmas dinner with your family, lovers, affairs, couple, gay-couple, and ended the night with a very good love-making.

List sorted on alphabetical order, and because restaurants are mainly packed and potentially "full house" on D-day, so I highly suggest reservations being made.

Akira Back
MD Place Building/Penthouse, Level 12
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7 (near to Four Seasons Jakarta)
Setiabudi, South Jakarta
021 - 2904 0777 / 0857 7778 8777
Pricing: $$$$ - IDR 2 mil for two
Dresscode: smart attire
How can you not put Akira Back on the list because it IS probably the best restaurant in Jakarta at the moment by all means. Food? Undoubtedly terrific! Interior? Posh, modern and homey in the same time with VIP rooms, group seating and even a private for two. I don't care if you have the dinner set or what but make sure that you don't skip on their Crispy Tuna Pizza because it's their signature dish and one that you cannot miss... EVER! What else to order? I have always loved their meat dishes, particularly their Short Ribs

Jalan Gunawarman No. 11
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 2277 1256
Opening hours:
Sunday - Wednesday: 11 AM-4 PM, 6 PM-11 PM
Thursday - Saturday: 11 AM-4 PM, 6 PM-1 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
Dresscode: smart casual
Attarine is homey with versatile ambiance, humble yet fancy but one thing for sure: absolutely delicious. I fell in love with the home and kitchen vibe of the restaurant that if you ask me for the "place" alone, Attarine will surely be on the topper part my list. Attarine celebrates the joy of home cooking dominated with mainly Mediterranean style and avid seafood fan should joy their existence as they offer you guys some of the freshest and tastiest seafood dishes. I was obsessed with their grilled fish and it has this perfect size for sharing!
Avec Moi
Teluk Betung No. 44
Kebon Melati, Menteng
Central Jakarta
Ph. 0857 1888 5096
Pricing: $$$ - IDR 400k for two
Dresscode: Smart casual
Avec Moi just relocate itself to this more spacious area at Teluk Betung Menteng in hoping to answer the requests from their fans for a bigger space and larger dining capacity. Avec Moi is the place to go to have great and affordable French cuisine, and some of their "iconic" menus include their “Salade Avec Moi” with their signature Sesame dressing that might not be the most pleasing to the eye but sure does to the palate! They’re also quite popular for their pastas, and their steaks, I've tried like 60% of the menus here and none is disappointing! Avec Moi might not be the biggest on the social media, but the word of mouth of this French bistro spreads like food plague, fully booked tables during weekends are something they’re used to, hence if you wanna dine here, I suggest fast & early bookings! Meaning "with me" in English, damn right you gotta dine with them.

18 Parc Place Tower C - GF
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD - Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 515 1660 (reservation is highly recommended)
Opening hours: 11 AM-1 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 1 mil
Dresscode: smart casual
Bistecca is a relatively new steakhouse launched by the fabulous UNION group and it has gained quite a fanbase. The UNION group establishments have always been either good or very good and their consistency and persistence are probably the main reasons why I am such a fan. The romantic vibe shines at night and the fancy American club lounge interior of theirs just made the setting the perfect fit for Christmas dinner just like the movies, either for two or large group of friends and family. Dining in Bistecca is not cheap, but they do have good steaks to cater your palate, and do make reservations, their waiting list is a bit crazy at times.
Boulevard Raya QF 3 no 11 RT.11/RW.12
Kelapa Gading Barat, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 14240
If you happen to live in Kelapa Gading and decided to be a semi couch-potato and chose to stay around the neighborhood, then Expatriate is the place that you should consider going to at least have a private dinner here. Don't expect the setting to be THAT glamorous or anything fancy (and you don't need to really dress up here), but let me tell you proudly that the food here is something that you  just seen or cheapen with left-eye. The owner of the restaurant is this (as this post written) 15 year old  guy who understands food in a way that's pretty surprising to me, of course not that I underestimate them but I rarely found personalities like this (besides Revo and my brother of course) which are mindblowing in a way. The steaks has got to be the highlight, I mean would you mind peek the photo below and how it is perfectly cooked? :)
Jalan Gunawarman No. 20 (across H Gourmet and Vibes)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 5694 6188 / 5596 5947
Operating Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Pricing: $$$ - IDR 1 mil for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
When I create this list, Hurricane’s Grill came in my mind like a flash of light as I often imagine my own dream Christmas dinner to be big, family-style like and all about putting all the food on the big table and share, and when I think of big I think of those chunky Hurricane’s Grill ribs! Statistically speaking, Hurricane is one of the most successful restaurants in Jakarta (believe me I know) at the moment, and I can't believe that they have been opening for more than a year, it feels just like yesterday when I came to the grand opening, and now they have another outlet at Noble House Mega Kuningan, slightly more humble than the Gunawarman outlet, but food wise as great.
Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
021 - 7278 8001

Pricing: $$$ - IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
When someone asks me about the best "fine dining" restaurant in Jakarta, my mind often instantly directed to this particular restaurant. Le Quartier is the classic type of how a beautiful fine-dining restaurant should look like! It looks like one, food tastes like one, top notch service and for me, the price tag was still relateable. The interior had this beautiful Victorian look with romantic ambiance, and even more at night. What to order? Of course their steaks, pan fried barramundi or if you fancy chicken, Butterfly Roasted Chicken. Been here three times and purple heart, everything that I've had here was superb.
Namaaz Dining
Jl. Gunawarman No. 42
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
DKI Jakarta 12110, Indonesia

Namaaz is prolly the most unique dining experience you can experience in Jakarta as they're highly famous for their touch of "molecular gastronomy" on their Omakase food service and Namaaz is still the number one restaurant in Jakarta by TripAdvisor (and I can't complain). Besides actually tasting pretty good, it's the experience that really tops it all, picture this: edible paper, edible wooden pencil, edible ash, edible stone, edible soap and foam, edible candle and a lot more. Bookings are highly suggested as it's sometimes pretty hard to get the tickets to the hottest dining seat in town. I heard the price per pax (for 14-17 courses) is now around IDR 1,4 mil.

Grand Indonesia West Mall GF (beside Mad For Garlic)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $$ - IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
Olivier is SO IN when it comes to the prettiest restaurants in Jakarta! It’s just so beautifully designed, almost garden-like and this combination of several scenes in one single restaurant. My favorite seating must be the semi al-fresco area with more greens yet urban feel to it. Food here is great, Olivier is another venture from the group which manages some of the well rated restaurants in Jakarta such as Rustique, Garcon and Immigrant, but Olivier won me over for the good combination of awesome food, good ambiance and how Olivier matches the theme.

Orient 8 at Hotel Mulia Jakarta
Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta
Jalan Asia Afrika Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 574 7777

Pricing: $$$ - IDR 1 mil for two
Dresscode: Sporty Casual
If you’re looking for something grand, in terms of venue, food and ambiance with very classy and expensive feeling to it, I suggest look no further to either Orient 8. Orient 8 is made for the eye, your palate and your stomach. The food in Orient 8 is nothing to worry about: extensive French cuisine that's available in pretty good range and supported with top notch service and beautiful music surrounding the area, because when you know that a brand as magestic as Mulia is backing you up, you can rule the world. Won’t say much.

Saine Daise
Jalan Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA (beside Legend of Noodle)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 - 3005 1662

Opening hours:
Sun-Thu: 11 AM-11 PM
Fri-Sat: 11 AM-2 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual

If you're looking for a place to have awesome Christmas dinner without the need to spend too much, then Saine Daise is the perfect place to consider and comes with such great quality as well. The food here has this very little (or almost none) chance to disappoint your palate as I personally know the owners and how they always try to maintain the upmost quality of the ingredient before actually serving the food to the tables. Another thing that I like about Saine Daise is the fact that it's not too spacious, but it's so pretty and simply designed (almost a Modern-Victorian touch) making you feel comfortable dining here while still managed to have a spare for intimacy and privacy with your partners.
Six Ounces
Blok NB 2 No. Kelapa Gading
Jl. Raya Gading Indah
Jakarta Utara 14240, Indonesia
Opening hours: 8 AM-9 PM

Never did I expect to have one of THE BEST steaks in town in...a coffee shop, but yes you're reading this right, besides from the sticking "coffee shop" label that's been surrounding them, The Green Door Kitchen which supports the food here in Six Ounces is highly famous for the ultimate quality meat and the chef, Juan Antono is pure genius. I think you guys know (especially if you're following me on my social media channels) that I am a huge fan of Six Ounces and The Green Door Kitchen, and it's quite often that in different occasions, when I'm in the midst of working something in front of my laptop, out of nowhere the staff there served me different food "dari pak Juan", and they were always PERFECT that I wondered why the hell didn't they serve this on the menu, and did you guys know that guests would spend so much on the food here that the requests are very high and you have to book a few days in advance to have what probably will be the best steaks you've had in your life, yet? It's THAT good and my words can't do the justice.

Plaza Senayan Ground Fl. (Inside SOGO), Courtyard (from outside entrance)
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta
021 - 579 05861
Pricing: $$ - IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: smart casual!
Union has to be in this list simply because it is Union. It's the pioneer of all these fancy cafes packing the scene but without the "fine dining" subtext, that is probably why they are highly famous and packed with customers even after years (not to mention it’s also one of the most beautiful restaurants in Jakarta with their classic urban sophisticated interior). Even though I go to UNION mostly for their cakes, as it’s still personally my most favorite boulangerie, brasserie and patisserie in town, or whatever you want to call it, the food in UNION is nowhere near disappointing. As insane as their “Bakmie Ayam Foie Gras” sounds, it’s actually pretty nice, tho a lil’ extreme. Their red velvet cake is to die for and came in big size so you could share it with your beloved one on the dinner, only I won't share.

Honorable mentions for Vue 46 and Chateau Blanc who decided to step ahead of us. This year I haven't visited Emilie, Amuz and Lyon but those three are also very recommended.

Thank you for reading and hope you're having a merry jolly Christmas dinner!



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