The hype of Raclette cheese is not slowing down anytime soon, well at least around this very moment this post is being written and after Willie Brothers came to the scene and live up the trend in town, recently, Ichiro Ramen launched the first and very own Raclette Cheese Ramen, and you guessed it right, that heated lava-like Raclette cheese flowing on top of your ramen adding more fun and flavor if you fancy.

Ichiro Ramen Market is a ramen store located at the Ramen Village, the area specializes for all ramen in Aeon Mall BSD City, precisely beside Kazan Ramen. To be completely honest, I noticed that Ichiro Ramen was the only one with waiting queue outside the store so because I am a virgin to Ichiro then they must have something good to offer. Quickscan of their menus and they serve good variety of ramens with various appetizers and rice dishes to follow.

These two were super attentive, helpful and funny they deserve a feature.
One of the strong selling points that I found from Ichiro has got to be the freedom to customize how you want your ramen to be. Starting from the soup: they offer chicken (tori) and pork (buta) based soup for you to choose, and after selecting the base soup, you can stay with the original or opt for the following: bawang (garlic), cabe bakar (burnt chili), basil keju (cheese basil), lada merah bawang (red pepper garlic), lada hitam Jepang (Japanese blackpepper), udang mix Jepang (assorted Japanese shrimps) and kare (curry). I opted for the original as I really wanted to enjoy the authenticity of their default flavor.

Secondly, you're then allowed to choose 1 from 10 kinds of noodle they have here: original thin, thin sakura, thin green tea, thick-curly original, thick-curly sakura, thick-curly green tea, black ramen, udon and wheat. The green tea and sakura came in green and pink color, again I sticked to the original thin and black for the ramens, I just like keep it lowkey and basic for the first experience.

...and talk about the noodle: YOU CAN REFILL AS MUCH AS YOU WANT *die*

Thirdly, the spiciness level: 4 levels with 1 being the mildest and vice-versa, and finally, the soup consistency: light, standard, creamy.

They also offer various toppings to add such as tamago, yellow pumpkin, mini prawns, mini tonkatsu, mini fish crispy katsu, eggs, hamkatsu, kikurage, buta/tori charsiu, nori, menma, kaedama and furai (broccoli), the toppings are definitely optional depending on your liking. Price range for the toppings range between IDR 9k-20k

As for the ramens, price ranges between IDR 50k-70k.

Age Gyoza Buta - IDR 35k
The gyoza skin was firm and thick which then holds the filling well, the minced pork filling was seasoned nicely and given quite generously. The serving came with this homemade tangy soy sauce, but I personally like the plain one better where I fully count on the savory juice of the filling.
Crispy Popcorn Chicken - IDR 15k
Easy cheap eats at IDR 15k, the presentation might look way different than the menu but flavor wise, it was decent you can't complain.
Kuroo Ramen (with thick curly original noodle) - IDR 59k
Ordered this as I was missing Gogyo ramen but this one had totally different flavor to it. The black color was produced from the burnt garlic & squid ink and I initially thought the whole soup would be black but it was actually just the surface, as you scoop you'll find the delicious common yellow-ish pork based broth. The soup flavor was actually quite rich with light consistency and being a fan of the thick curly noodle, that was the right option to this ramen and let's not forget the thick and tender chasiu.
Overall it was tasty, simple and comforting for the day. Definitely not bad at all.
Butao Ramen with Raclette Cheese
Now to the current main highlight from Ichiro: Raclette cheese ramen!

Opted for their signature Butao ramen which has been their best-selling menu ever since it opened, the broth was made from long hours pork bone extraction to achieve the Tonkotsu style ramen with its tasty savory soup. Each ramen brand has their own take of Tonkotsu style ramen but normally, flavor wise it should be salty-savory, slightly eggy and served with chasiu, tamago and Japanese mushroom.
I wasn't aware that if you opt for the Raclette Cheese upgrade, the serving and presentation of your ramen would be different: the ramen would be served dry on a hot stone plate and the soup on the bowl. The heated lava-like Raclette cheese would then be served on top of your ramen following the soup drenching everything at the end.

Now it actually looks pretty tempting, especially to all avid cheese fan!
I was almost disagreeing with the concept of putting cheese on each food but this turned out working quite well to my liking. Apparently, if you let your ramen sit still with the searing hot broth, the broth will slowly melt the cheese and blend along with the broth giving additional thickness and salty flavor without being weirdly milky and overly oily & cheesy.
Thick and tender chasiu FTW!
Ramen refill! Oh the ramen was nicely cooked and appeared pretty firm
Now what's coming next? I always have fun looking at photos of the flowing Raclette cheese or when people actually pull the cheese up it's almost a new workout.

Ichiro Ramen Market
Ramen Village - Aeon Mall BSD City 4th fl.
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
BSD - Tangerang
Banten 15345
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: none


Map for Aeon Mall BSD City

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