Earlier today I had a pretty big lunch at this newly opened restaurant in Kelapa Gading which I believe is going to be a hit soon! As far as I concern, Fat Stone is the first to bring the hot stone dining concept to the scene.

Fat Stone is located at Boulevard Utara Kelapa Gading replacing what was the home to Kamo Kuma Kelapa Gading, but here's the twist: by the freaking way Fat Stone is owned by the same people who owns Kamo Kuma and decided to change the space to develop the idea they're having (re: Fat Stone).

Claiming themselves as the first Asian stone pot specialist, guests should expect a unique dining experience where food is going to be served in the stone pot. They focused in serving mainly dry and soup version of Asian-Korean cuisine like their own version of spicy budae jjigae, sichuan, tom yum, chicken soup and various rice dishes with assorted toppings. The stone pot food is available in two sizes: Date (for two) and Party (for four) with price affordably ranges between IDR 70k-IDR 250k.

If you're wondering which one is the most photogenic, then it would be their Cheesy Korean Fried Chicken where you can capture the cheeseporn and get tons of likes on your Instagram, but I wasn't feeling that and wanted to try their recommended menus just like the ones below:

Japanese Spicy Miso - IDR 110k (Date for two)
This is one of their specialties and recommended menus from their soup categories, the Japanese Spicy Miso soup consist of mixture of collagen rich chicken stock + rich spicy miso + spicy chilli for the broth and condiments like noodle, beef shabu (can customize to chicken and fish too), tofu fish, fish balls, chikuwa, tofu, tomato, corn, mushroom, napa, bok choy, onions, green onions and carrots.

Clear soup then mixed with the miso mix and here comes the tasty spicy soup
Knowing it was raining earlier today made this just the perfect comforting lunch meal! The soup was packed with flavor, with this salty miso with a tiny hint of sweet and altogether savory in the same time and to my standard it was mild spicy (I can definitely go spicier). Toppings were simple and generous but such a match to this kind of food. Even though this was meant for two, depending on one's capacity, this can even be shared for three people as well!
Was too busy taking pictures and forgetting that I had noodle in the soup and it was slightly overcooked damn it, next time I can't let this happen!
It's possible to add egg in the soup if you feel like it.
Beef Ribs Matah - IDR 240k (1 kg)
1 kg of beef ribs goodness served on a bed of citrus rice and generous homemade sambal matah! This was my personal favorite of today's lunch as it was something less common but delicious! The beef ribs were cooked and seasoned to perfection with tender texture. The idea was to stir it while it's still hot, but if you love the brunt and crackling rice you might want to let the rice sit longer. The default serving was already pretty spicy for me, but still I can honestly go more, keep in mind that you can always customize the level of spiciness.
1 kgs of beef ribs was actually quite generous! There was around 10-12 chunky pieces of ribs on this serving alone.
If you want to customize the seasoning yourself, there's a mini topping station where you can add more chili, garlic, sesame oil, spring onion and etc. depending on your preference.

To me, Fat Stone is all about eating simple, delicious and fun. Nothing extra fancy here, just good-easy food in affordable price tag. Can defo see myself coming here often!

Ahem, do note that they have two opening hours at the moment, details below!

Fat Stone
Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No. 20
Kelapa Gading Barat
Jakarta Utara 14240
0888 1818 365
Opening hours:
Tue - Sun: 11:30 AM-2 PM, 6 PM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k


Map for Fat Stone

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