A couple of weeks ago I had lunch at this awesome food court called DapuRaya at PasaRaya Blok M and I am sharing you my experience here as well as giving a little review of the food and the place in general. Visually, DapuRaya might be one of the prettiest and best designed food court we have in Jakarta at the moment, and what makes it very special is that they focus in serving mainly authentic Indonesian cuisine, should I say 95%.

Getting to Pasaraya was barely a chore, while I drove here, if you're a tourist or someone who had no clue where Pasaraya is, thanks to the newly furnished TransJakarta, you can just take the Corridor 1 and depart on the last station: Blok M. Then you take the exit and it was an easy 3 minute walking distance to the shopping center. DapuRaya was located at the LG floor of the building, and oh recently Pasaraya, which was known as Pasaraya Grande, changed its name to Pasaraya The Pride of Indonesia.

There are two DapuRaya(s) in Pasaraya Blok M, they expanded and launched DapuRaya 2 not too long ago to add more potential tenants and offer the customer wider food selections. There are approximately 150 tenants available at the moment selling snacks, light bites, main courses, desserts to beverages, and yet again, majority Indonesia's best.

Like most posh food courts at the moment, they adapt the cashless transaction here and instead using top-up card as the payment method. You can always refund the balance if you have any left.
The interior of DapuRaya was designed to portray the vintage Indonesia neighborhood supported with details like the vintage furniture, house designed stall, vintage meatball stall, vintage dining utensils, birdcage and altogether creating this homey space to dine in.
That vintage cracker tin tho...
The range of the food that you can have here is A LOT-LOT and as an Indonesian myself, I am ALWAYS proud when I have the chance to introduce Indonesian cuisine to my readers, especially the foreign ones, and when you talk about Indonesian food, trust me babe it can take forever as the rage is so wide, but here you can expect to find food such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodle), Nasi Bakar (baked rice), Mie Ayam (chicken noodle), Bakso (meatball soup) Soto, Satay (skewers), Nasi Padang (padang rice), Iga Bakar (grilled ribs), assorted soups, local desserts and many-many more.
Sop Ikan Cempaka
They also have several foreign (still around Asia) tenant such as Sushi Point which offer customers selections of assorted housemade sushi.
Juice stall
Chicken noodle stall
Fried chicken! One of Indonesia's best humble food for me!
We call the right one "rantang" and it's usually functioned sort of like a "lunch tiers".
Farmer's hat on the left
Gado-gado! Another very delicious Indonesian food that you MUST TRY when you're travelling here!
Ok let's get down to the food that I had on my visit.

Sop Iga (Beef Rib Soup)
Anything soup should always be served and enjoyed while it's hot, and because Indonesian cuisine mainly consist of rich ingredient in the cooking process, it's proven that most Indonesian soup based food are best served while it's searing hot, even medium will reduce its deliciousness (according to me). The ribs were soft and tender and the soup was light in texture but rich in flavor, a wonderful composition of salty and savory.
...and if you fancy something a lil' spicy, there's always homemade chili to add.
Nasi Uduk Spesial (Nasi Uduk Mbok Rene) - IDR 37k
The fragrant coconut milk rice set comes with fried tofu, fried soyabean cake, fried chicken, cucumber side and chili! The rice was flavorful, no probs with the fried stuff and the chili was perfectly spicy to match with the other food.

Nasi Uduk Mbok Rene also sells Nasi Langgi, Nasi Tim, Nasi Rames and Lontong Cap Gomeh.
Kambing Guling (mutton skewer) - my friend's order.
Es Pisang Ijo (IDR 20k) & Es Doger Special
Left: Es Pisang Ijo from Pisang Ijo Adulam, Right: Es Doger Granita
Refreshing treats as sweet closure to the lunch. Both were equally decent.
Two more desserts which I unfortunately did not aware where they're originated from
Short to say, Dapuraya was this wonderland of good Indonesian food that you can always browse and point your fingers at to whatever you fancy. Price wise, affordable, not to mention it's also dedicated for office hour workers who might fancy good food without having to spend much, venue was clean, service was good, basically not much to complain about and much to recommend you.

DapuRaya also has another branch in Manggarai, if that's closer with you.


Pasaraya The Pride of Indonesia Blok M, LG fl.
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 720 7201
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: none


Map for DapuRaya

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