Hi my beloved readers wherever you are reading this right now, HOW YA DOIN?

I just came back from my awesome-awesome Autumn trip in Tokyo, Japan, so far it was my most favorite trip this year, period! Well it's proven that from this second trip, Japan, especially Tokyo is still my number one favorite city in the world and spending 10 days there was barely a chore and hassle. As much as carrying my heavy-ass luggage was literally a pain in the back and arms, at least I knew I was in Tokyo and it's the best feeling in the world to be back, and with my good friends!

10 days in Tokyo means strolling about Shinjuku, Shibuya and Omotesando repeatedly, one whole day at the Disneysea, witnessing the #harveysandrawedding and actually spending a few days with the newlywed, and explore several hipster Tokyo neighborhood and of course, TONS OF EATING! I weirdly lost 1,5 kg due to the great amount of walking, Japanese people love to walk and that's why most of them look pretty fit (and it's a medical fact that Japanese people can live longer than probably most of us).

Japan is just so amazing that as soon as I stepped from the airplane and touch the ground that the air that I breathed in was the different, fresher kind of air, and just by spending 10 days here I feel like my life quality increased in such a wonderful way.

Because this is my "Postcards From" series, I wouldn't talk much and just let you guys enjoy the pictures! Most of the pictures here were edited on my phone using mainly VSCOCam and Afterlight and just a couple that I edited on Photoshop...and you might have seen some of them posted on my Instagram.

Autumn vibe in Shibuya
A photogenic looking florist I randomly found at Omotesando which made a beautiful backdrop to my photo!
The best coffee I've had on this trip was from Blue Bottle! I highly recommend you guys to go here!
One full day at Disneysea
New York vibe in Tokyo Disneysea
Shozo Coffee Store located just beside Blue Bottle in Omotesando! The homiest petite coffee shop ever!
My favorite florist in Tokyo, Aoyama Flower Market, drop by their Minato outlet for a great afternoon tea time with your great ones!
My go to shop in Tokyo: Flamingo! This one was their Shimokitazawa outlet!
One day in Jiyugaoka
That one remaining sakura tree in Shinjuku Gyoen, and this was one of the cutest moments I captured!
My Instagram feed never looked so golden!
Omotesando, my favorite area in Tokyo and where most of my money magically gone for good stuffs! #shopping
Main squad on this trip!
More stories coming soon, thank you for reading!


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