Friday, November 4th 2016

Two weeks ago I talked about McDonald's Apple Pie which by the way is a running hit and fast forward to today, considered myself lucky as I accidentally drove past McDonald's near my house and saw this huge poster promoting their latest seasonal Japanese menu "Cita Rasa Spesial Dari Negeri Jepang" which according to the cashier I spoke to just launched YESTERDAY, so I guess trying them out won't hurt anybody.

So the seasonal menus consist of sweet and savory menus with the sweet ones being their modified ice cream products & remaining Yuzu Fizz, followed by burger and rice bowl from the savory side.

As for the modified ice cream products, what's more Japanese dessert fit more than Matcha or Japanese green tea. The simplest one was their "Matcha Top" (IDR 7k) or if you're a McFlurry fan, you can enjoy the "Matcha Ogura McFlurry" or "Matcha Oreo" (both IDR 13k). If you're a bit hungry, from this seasonal menu serie you can have their "Roasted Sesame Tori Rice Bowl" (IDR 30k - combo with medium size Yuzu Fizz, IDR 25k - ala  carte) or "Beef Teriyaki Tamago Burger" (IDR 41k - combo with medium fries + medium size Yuzu Fizz, IDR 28k - ala carte). I wasn't here for the savory menus so I did not try any of them.

Don't expect your ice cream to look like the one displayed on the advertorial bcoz mine was ugly as fuck while the promotional picture was like a dream.

Matcha Oreo McFlurry - IDR 13k
Had no problem with the vanilla soft serve, they always seem to produce the right texture and consistently creamy, as for the Matcha, it was sweet and milky without being overly bold. It's not the kind of matcha dessert that once you have that first scoop you're going to die and go to Heaven because it's so damn good, nope, it's a simple, light and easy vanilla ice cream with matcha sauce and oreo crumble topping mixed together. Nothing special but definitely not bad.

Afterall it's just a freaking IDR 13k what can you expect. I would pay IDR 40k if they can produce one that looks exactly like the displayed menu, or if you want something better but a tad expensive then go for Dairy Queen Green Tea Blizzard.
Suggestion: McD apple pie could just be a delicious additional topping and somehow made the McFlurry even fancier looking.
Matcha Top - IDR 7k
I might be team Matcha Top, first it's served on this green cone (which did not really show on my picture as it was dawn on my visit and shot the pictures using indoor lighting), and secondly for only IDR 7k you're getting something decent and light to fulfil your ice cream craving. I saw some pictures people tagged me on Instagram (thank you for those) and I gotta say that I got more generous coating than the ones I saw on IG (and I NEVER ASKED THE STAFF TO GIVE ME MORE).