IT'S A YES! For those who have wondered all this time and after a whole year of waiting, behold as next week the first and highly anticipated Pablo Cheese tart Indonesia branch will be opening in Gandaria City Jakarta, November 17th 2016!

Got the privilege to come and had a brief preview of the store and the menu and I am personally thanking Kelvin (the owner of Indonesia branch) for the assistance.
Pablo Cheesetart Gandaria City is located at the UG Main Street area which is the focused F&B area of Gandaria City, hence obviously packed with various restaurants. The store is currently still closed but I got to see with my very own eyes the existing training process, the minimalist and simple kitchen and how wonderful and fragrant the buttery cheesetart were! Unfortunately, due to the pre-opening regulation I had to keep the pictures to myself until the November 16th where I will prolly update this post and show you more, but I can definitely tell you how serious they are with what they're doing.

...there are also seating areas located in front of the store for those who fancy dining in.
The take-out packaging
As for the current menu, they will be launching four freshly baked cheese tart: Medium-Rare Cheese Tart, Chocolate Cheese Tart, Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki and the Premium Cheese Tart. Now you probably wonder why is it Medium-Rare, well that's not exactly the official name (K suggested it), but if you're expecting the original rare cheese tart that's sold in Japan, unfortunately you won't be finding any here as initially that has to do with the franchise regulation from the Japan center.

As for the price, the tarts will go for IDR 160k to IDR 180k-ish (regular) and IDR 220k (premium), it's double the Japan price but after all the imported ingredients, the flying cost to Japan and the accomodation and the shopping, this should makes sense. Aside from cheese tarts, they also have selections of Mini Cheese Tarts (IDR 35k each), Hokkaido Mille Crepes that are available in Plain, Chocolate and Matcha (IDR 35k each), Cheese Soft Serves (Matcha and Cheese - IDR 35k each), and PABLO Frute, their original blended drinks that came in five flavors (more below - IDR 55k each)
Freshly baked cheese tarts: Cheese, Matcha Cheese and Chocolate Cheese
If you're a first timer to Pablo, don't expect a cheese tart that are solid and uber rich as their cheesecakes are more to the light, soft, airy, creamy, eggy, and altogether damn fresh & melt in your mouth! This medium-rare cheese tart had a hint of salty and mainly eggy flavor character and weirdly with a hint of fruity as well (even though there's no fruit in it). I obviously like the crunchy and buttery crust in contrast to the creamy custard. YUM!

It's like having a very soft Japanese style egg tart I must say.
Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki
Shiratama meaning Japanese dango balls and Azuki meaning red beans
Pretty much the same texture and consistency with the original one, and thank goodness for the imported ingredient as  the matcha flavor DID NOT close to the jasmine green tea shit that's being overly used in town, the matcha was the rich and slightly bitter kind and works well with the sweet and salty cheese tart custard.
Chocolate Cheese Tart
PABLO Frute - IDR 55k
5 variants of Pablo's original blended drinks
(Classic Cheese Tart, Rich Berry Cheese, Rich Mango Cheese, Matcha Cheese with Shiratama and Special Chocolate)

In general, I like the perfect amount of sweetness of the drinks.
Special Chocolate and Matcha Shiratama
Matcha Shiratama
Three of my personal favorites:
Matcha with Shiratama
Again, emphasizing the fact that the matcha did not appear to leave any trace of the dysfunctional local jasmine green tea flavoring which was great! The rich and bitter matcha works really well with the cheese flavor resulting this nice combo of sweet, salty and in fact, perfume.
Special Chocolate
The chocolate drink was the only one with no cheese in it, it's good and simple but nothing special.
Classic Cheese Tart
This was my personal favorite! The overall flavor did not appear too cheesy and it's a genius idea that they used apricot sauce to balance the cheesy flavor hence it didn't overpower one another or being overly sweet.
Take away packaging
The hype towards Pablo is goddamn strong and so many of you actually asked me to blog about this. While the pricing might be doubled, but I guess with consistent quality and what they have to offer, Pablo should do well here in Jakarta. The best of luck for sure!

Pablo Indonesia
Gandaria City Mainstreet UG level
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 11
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Pablo

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