Hatchi is the latest establishment by the H Group which previously (and existingly) opened and running H Gourmet and Vibes in Senopati and I had lunch there yesterday with my good friend Yenny from YennyMakanMulu, Hatchi is located at the Pondok Indah Plaza 2 office complex and aligned with Pepenero (to make the direction easier).

The name "Hatchi" is inspired from the Japanese word "Hachi" which means a bowl/basin and that instantly makes sense as soon as you opened the menu and realize that majority of their food here is served in beautiful customized bowls, but before we proceed to the food review, let's talk about the physical appearance of the restaurant first.
From outside, the restaurant appeared to be spacious and nicely designed with this moody and industrial vibe while the interior was way more homey while still maintaining the industrial feel to it. They also had an outdoor area dedicated for smoking guests and a rooftop bar/dining area (which I unfortunately didn't check out). I appreciate the little details like the green plants which made the restaurant looked even prettier.

Obsessed with the sign panel, looks like the Japanese signage that I usually see in Melawai restaurants.
The indoor dining area wasn't actually uber spacious (as it's already divided for outdoor area) but I love the semi-private vibe which made the atmosphere to have this homey appeal (not to mention the good air-conditioning too). There were tables for couple, four, bar area and a communal table at the center area of the restaurant depending on who and how many you are with. I love it when Japanese restaurants still has that Japanese vibe to it and they clearly put a good effort in designing the interior and maintaining the concept with some modern tweaks here and there.
Communal table which can also be functioned as a sharing table.
Cat symbolizes good luck.
They focus in serving mainly Asian-fusion inspired cuisine so guests can expect mainly variety of rice bowl and noodle dishes, Asian appetizers and tapas. As for the appetizers and tapas (and if you happen to drink), it's suggested that you pair them with Asian beers, liquors and whiskey. Range of the food was decent and price range for the food is about IDR 60k-200k.
Gyutan Bao - IDR 55k
Housemade steamed buns paired with your preference of protein and condiments, I was feeling pork but the Gyutan sounded a tad different so we opted for it. I was honestly expecting at least two buns for IDR 55k but this one came in a quite big portion (and we ordered more food so in that case this was fine). The steamed buns could be a little softer and fluffier but I was happy that the gyutan filling was thick, perfectly cooked and beautifully seasoned. It was a simple and delicious starter.
Mixed Gyoza - IDR 75k
The mixed gyoza consist of the existing protein options and dedicated for those who want to try everything: cheese, chicken, beef, and pork. I did not know which one was what so I think it would be great if the waiter can inform us with the info as not every customer can take pork or maybe allergic to certain ingredients. I randomly chose and got the cheese gyoza, the cheese filling was pretty generous and the salty-savoryness of the flavor matched well with the gyoza.
Pork Skin
This was that one menu that I was so excited about but ended up feeling utterly disappointed. I didn't have any problem with the freshness of the pork skin, I think it was beautifully crunchy and as you can see pretty generous, but there was NO flavor, not even a single hint of salty. We asked the waiter and he told us that they intentionally did not give any seasoning and the pairing should be with the black vinegar, which I honestly think do not match. The flavor of the black vinegar might overpower the natural pork skin flavor and as a customer, my instinct was to have it as a snack/quick nibbles, and I expected it to be salty and umami.
MYO (Make Your Own) Noodle
Here in Hatchi, they let you to have your privilege to customize how you want your noodle to be with preference of noodle, protein and toppings. Guess it's pretty fun so we made our own in 4 easy steps and from 72 available options.
First, choose the kind of housemade noodle you want: Ramen (typical Japanese noodle) or Lamian (Chinese noodle, thinner) - IDR 9k/each, after that you proceed to choose the broth you want: Umami (IDR 15k) or Tonkotsu (IDR 20k - pork based soup), and being an avid Tonkotsu fan, we opted for that. Thirdly, choose the main protein: Chicken (IDR 15k), Beef (IDR 25k) or Pork (IDR 20k) and last but not least: toppings to add in: Corn, Mushroom, Tamago, Nori, Tofu (IDR 6k), Cheese (IDR 8k).
Your order will be served in this uber pretty bowl with chopstick stand. LOVE!
So I call this "HY MYO" consisting of Ramen noodle + Tonkotsu soup + Pork Chasiu + Mushroom + Tamago + Nori and all for IDR 67k. The default serving comes with crumbs to add in texture, and the Tonkotsu broth was light but very tasty. Having no idea about the ramen, I actually expected something a tad thicker and chewier, but overall, it's a simple delicious ramen.
Roa Bowl - IDR 65k
This was to me, MY FAVORITE MEAL OF THE LUNCH! The Roa Bowl consist of fried rice, salmon & tuna tataki, scallion, and house-made sambal roa. The sambal roa was very spicy to my standard but SOOOO GOOD! The salmon and tuna was cooked perfectly with soft and smooth texture and the crumbs (yet again) add in texture. The rice they're using for the fried rice was the stickier type, not exactly my kind of rice for fried rice but it's the flavor and combination that spoke the most!
Salted Egg Hokkian - IDR 60k
I had a love-hate relationship with this dish. I hate how this dish didn't live up to the picture I saw on the menu and there was no salted egg flavor in this dish, but you know what I love? WHAT I HAD, and this. I love the fact that the chicken was actually thicker than the one displayed on the menu, seasoned decently, how the noodle was nicely firm and I probably love the fact that there was no salted egg flavor, and I love how it's so simple but yum.
My lunch was pretty decent, the food was mostly simple comfort food but they're quite brave in serving bold flavor for our Indonesian palate. There's a little miss here and there, but everything was still very acceptable and fixable (and please change and actually add the seasoning to the pork skin). Service was pretty attentive and friendly and there was this waiter named Mois or Mios (sorry I'm forgetful) that was being polite and helpful with the menus, and kindly asked us for feedbacks right after. I clearly had better first impression to Hatchi comparing to the first time I went to H, and I am glad that H food is now getting better and better.

Note that at the moment, every Wednesday they have special cocktail happy hour promotion where you can buy one get one for all Signatures.


Pondok Indah Plaza 2 BA/27
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2765 4066
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Hatchi

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