Just came back a short work trip from Surabaya but of course I had one whole day to check out some of the newly opened cafes! Long story short, not all turned out to be "great" or passed my "delicious" standard except for this particular.

The Neighbors is a cafe owned by my very good friend, Hendrik Pyong (click to check his Instagram) who is initially such a great cook! Prior to opening this cafe, he charmed mainly Surabayans with his delicious pannacotta creations which he sold online (so delicious they often sold out at most bazaars it attended), and his latest venture is a neighbor wanting to be loved.

Location wise, The Neighbors was slightly isolated and just like the name, it was located around a neighborhood in the West Surabaya: Darmo Harapan Utara, but I guess if you really want to have good food you'll put a tad more effort to come. I was super fond of the minimalist design of the cafe with mainly white color and wood material without much unimportant details making it appear clean & more spacious that it probably should. It was very Instagenic and such a comfy place to dine at.
Menus might be limited to burgers and rice dishes at the moment, but according to Pyong, he's trying to present the consistent quality and will definitely update the menus by time (stay tuned!). Price range for the food ranges from IDR 40k-65k and I honestly still can't believe how most local people claim it's "pricey", they must have never been to Jakarta I guess and yes I am being sarcastic.

As for the drinks, they keep it easy and simple by serving soft drinks, beers, tea and water. Guests can also enjoy Pyong's very own pannacotta here for dessert maybe?

Pyong might be my good good friend, but the opinion needs to remain honest *dramatic backsound*
Garlic Butter (GB) Chicken - IDR 48k
Their GB Chicken consist of white Japanese rice paired with deep fried chicken in garlic butter sauce seasoning and topped with runny fried egg. In a single glance, this dish appeared very simple, true that, but it's the flavor that did all the talking and all that matters. The chicken was seasoned to perfection and I mainly like the saltiness of it. The garlic butter seasoning made the chicken very fragrant and I was fond of the idea that they decided to go with the sticky Japanese rice as the contrast texture worked well!
As for the egg, you can't go wrong bitch.
Neighbors Classic - IDR 62k with additional patty (IDR 25k), egg (IDR 5k) and cheese (IDR 8k)
Their Neighbors Classic has been their best selling menu every since its launched, and originally it consist of 100gr Australian beef, melted cheese, sauteed onion, classic sauce, mayo lettuce and corned beef, but to make it looked even more appetizing, I added extra everything: patty, egg and cheese and upgraded to the set with additional Fries (IDR 25k), and below was how my order turned out. Mouthwateringly-fingerlickingly delicious and yet sinful </3.

Patty was tender and beautifully seasoned, but the highlight has got to be their housemade classic sauce. It was really packed with flavors and infused with beautiful balance of sweet, salty with a very little hint of sour (that I noticed)!
Changed the fries to Tater Tots (IDR 5k). The sauce was sort of Korean's version of Bolognaise sauce with mainly sweet and (relatively) mild spicy flavor. Seasoning was spot on, the kind of sauce that belongs to the Toter Tots. I honestly don't think the regular shoestring can outdo the more fulfilling Toter Tots.
Ms. Brown (IDR 56k) with additional egg (IDR 5k)
100 gr Australian beef, melted cheese, caramelized onion, beef tomato, homemade BBQ sauce, mayo lettuce.
There's a new kid on the block, and it has been charming. The Neighbors is certainly one of my personal favs as well as the best cafes in Surabaya at the moment. Keep up the amazing work and can't wait to sample more menus in the future!

The Neighbors
Jalan Darmo Harapan Utara IX Blok EN #12
Surabaya 60188
0878 - 5110 - 1122
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for The Neighbors

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