I'm always genuinely happy when certain restaurants that are personal favorite of mine made it in the business and that's exactly what's happening to this particular, following the success of their first and previous Bintaro outlet, Ind.ustrie is finally opening their second outlet in Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, and this time they're collaborating with Morning Glory Coffee and actually located at MGC's previous outlet which is now revamped and renovated.

Their Street Gallery outlet had a more different vibe compared to the Bintaro one, this one still had that homey feel to it only with more touch of "raw", earthy and industrial feel. It wasn't as spacious as their Bintaro outlet but still pretty comfy for a hangout spot with your friends over your choice of light bites or heavy meal, but one thing for sure they are still keeping their food concept their main priority: which is to serve COMFORT FOOD WITH NO MSG!
Quick scan of their menus and they still manage to keep it lowkey while still optimizing their food and put the flavor and quality as the highlight. Most of their food here is Indonesian comfort food with a fusion twist on some menus and overall with NOT A SINGLE DROP OF MSG infused to their food.
Left to right:
Mango Smoothie (IDR 50k), Long Island Lemongrass (IDR 48k), Philapie Smoothie (IDR 45k)

If previously they occupied Tanamera beans for the Bintaro outlet, since this outlet is the collaboration between two brands, expect nothing but Morning Glory coffee served here, and anyway they brewed the coffee better here hence I like the Morning Glory's version better.

Coffee Platter
This is their "Coffee Platter" and one of a kind as I never actually saw this anywhere in town. The coffee platter consist of one shot of Espresso, cappuccino, caramel coffee and homemade Tape (fermented cassava) cake. Bitch lemme tell you how the tape cake was poppin! It was absolutely delicious, rich, soft, moist, gooey with the right balance of sweetness. Pure love man, pure love.
Tape cake - so good, so moist, rich, and perfectly sweet!
Choco Bono - IDR 45k
Another very simple menu but very delicious one: Choco Bono which basically consist of sweet potato morsels layered on top of each other with chocolate in the middle, another spread on the top and sweetly dressed with ceres chocolate! You just HAVE TO eat it as a whole to experience the burst of sweetness! I like how they managed to make it not overly sweet and altogether delicious! This was honestly one of my favorite menus of the lunch!
Industrie Pancake
The pancake was nicely cooked and the dough must be well made as the pancake had this soft, fluffy and moist texture. This dish was pretty simple and pretty much the common pancakes with vanilla ice cream on the top and maple syrup dressing, mainstream but still delicious tho.
Cassafry - IDR 55k
This one has got to be one of the most tempting looking dish that you can find here and again it's super simple with two main ingredients: fried cassava + generous grated cheese topping! Are you the crispy fried cassava person or the gooey one? Cause if you love the crispy and "harder" type of cassava then you'll probably love this one.
It was really the generous amount of cheese that really takes the cake.
Ramen Burger
Their Ramen Burger was another simple delicacy (yet again) that I genuinely really like. Throughout the times I wonder if they really don't put any MSG in because their food was tasty both in such savory and salty combo. The ramen burger consist of ramen as the burger buns with (from bottom to top) lettuce, cheddar cheese, beef patty, runny egg and paired with golden fries. The beef patty was delicious and lightly seasoned, when it comes to patty it's the meat flavor that should be the highlight, I could live without the cheddar cheese or I would love it even more if the cheese actually melted.
Pesto Pasta Ikan Asin - IDR 65k
I wanted to love this more, but unfortunately the pasta was slightly overcooked and goeey, anyway the salty fish mixed with the pesto sauce dressing really lived up the flavor. It's salty, savory, light and fresh, do ask the staff there and make sure that they have the pasta cooked right because it could be very good.
Salted Chicken Noodle - IDR 58k
One of my favorites from the lunch and it's always back to the classics: chicken noodle. The salted chicken was inspired from Pak Cham Ke or Chinese style salted chicken that's normally consumed at celebrations and stuff, and I really think this particular chicken noodle leads more to the Asian style chicken noodle as it's paired with fried wontons, sprinkled with fried garlic and topped with generous shredded salted chicken. The serving came with hot soup but you can actually have this based on your preference, either dry or wet (soupy).
Hot clear chicken stock
If you ask me personally I like the dry version better, somehow a tad more salty and better seasoned.
Springy noodle almost "jam mian" kind.
Matah Mata Chicken - IDR 85k
Flavor wise, this HAS TO BE THE BOMB! I think Ind.ustrie's main strength has always been their chickens and everytime I had their chicken dishes I would be like "wow", I remember having their Hammer Chicken (which btw also available here) but this time I went with their 'Matah Mata Chicken', the chicken was considered huge compared to what normally cafes/restaurants here would serve you, and it was so perfectly seasoned, uber tender and soft at each bite! What could seriously be  better companions than a warm rice and chili (especially if you love spicy food). This was my numero uno favorite menu here!!!
Sometimes I can get over the top with my preference, but sometimes I like to keep things simple and low key. Their food is mainly simple and humble comfort food but the 'flavor' was something that's infused and packed the selling point. Ind.ustrie is the kind of cafe that you go to find easy simple food while casually gather with your friends over good chat, don't expect to have the best meal of your life tho, there's some other places for that.

Short to say, Ind.ustrie hasn't stopped me from loving 'em.

MG Ind.ustrie
Street Gallery 2nd floor - Pondok Indah Mall
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Street Gallery

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