MY 2016 BEST NINE ON INSTAGRAM! #2016bestnine

So here are my BEST NINE (aka 9 of the most liked pictures) on my Instagram this year. The first picture generated 13k likes and I was unfollowed by 1k people the next day, if you're Indonesian you'll understand why that happens.

But do I give a flying fuck? No.

NEVER value or try to compare yourself with others just based on the amount of followers & likes you're having. While I am grateful and thankful, I just want to make it clear that earning 5.5 million likes is not the most important thing, it's how you use and connect with your channels, not exactly how big it is.

Thank you for such an amazing 2016! This year has been amazing for travels: finally revisited Australia and Japan, first time to Vietnam, also the year where I push myself more and more in terms of producing good and creative contents, and I am aware that I have to work even harder in 2017, you know that art of 'pushing the boundaries', 'setting the bar', 'starting off' and 'getting what you deserve' that I found beautiful and exciting *wink*.

Now let's cheers to the more awesome & fabulous 2017!!! Any idea where to travel this year? :)



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