For those who have heard of the rumor, rest assure as it's CONFIRMED! The highly anticipated Toby's Estate is finally opening its first Indonesia outlet in PIK Avenue, and of course yours truly got the first access and exclusive preview of the outlet, overall it's still pretty raw and construction is still going and because I don't want to spoil all the excitement I am going to show you some pictures that I took when they invited me to come and see the training process and will definitely make a full blog post in the future.
Toby's Estate Indonesia is located at the outdoor area of PIK Avenue's North Lobby and for a coffee shop standard, it's pretty spacious with mainly modern-industrial feel infused to the interior design, the kind people behind Toby's Estate Indonesia previously showed me the 3D render of the store and so far it has been looking pretty much the same as how I expected it to turn out.
Marco Bulk Coffee Machine or should I say the coffee jet machine!
As for the espresso machine, they occupy Spirit espresso machine, that's a $20.000 beast for goodness sake!
So excited for you guys to try their coffee, again can't tell you much but if you love super bodied coffee then you'll love this one!
Can't hardly wait to come to the opening later this weekend and enjoy the beautiful harmony of never-ending coffee shop hustle bustle, interaction between the people and smelling the lingering coffee scent surrounding the coffee shop.

If you guys are keen on coming to Toby's Estate, they will start operating on December 10th 2016 starting 4 PM, the grand opening reception will be earlier that day and for invited guests only. Maybe we can bump to one another that day so I'll see you guys (maybe)!

So today I attended the grand opening of Toby's Estate Indonesia and it was crazy busy and packed with so many media, blogger and influencer friends as well as some friends from the coffee biz and Australia. The rundown was basically typical: press conference, Q&A session, food tasting and the best thing: UNLIMITED FLOW OF COFFEE!
Do note that this won't be exactly a full review of Toby's Estate because I was busy hosting the guests and helping them with the crowd, but what I can really tell you is that even after the super packed day (like crazy packed), the coffee and food were amazing, and I was a bit skeptical about the consistency but it was more than what I expected. Truly proud of the team!
Mr. Imron J. Kusuma (mid), the CEO of Toby's Estate Indonesia posing with Toby Smith (founder of Toby's Estate), supporting celebs and hosts.
Aside from what you're looking, they also have espresso based coffee (piccolo, cappuccino, latte) and non-coffee drinks. Price range starts from IDR 30k-85k for coffee.
Expect to find all-day Australian-Western brunch meals here with price ranging from IDR 70k-200k, even though I didn't snap a lot of pictures as I was super busy, but I happened to sample all the food and they were so great, and by great I mean definitely above my standard, all that I really wish was for the charm not to fade! So what to order? Get their Pappardelle pasta with generous amount of meat, Buttermilk Chicken (photo below), Kale salad (omg the kale was so crunchy) and their French Toast as sweet closure!

Toby's Estate Indonesia
North Lobby - PIK Avenue
Pantai Indah Kapuk - Kamal Muara
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for PIK Avenue

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