In the previous post I told you how in the last two months 6 new restaurants opened in Lingkar Mega Kuningan and literally next to Atico, another newly opened Modern-Japanese themed restaurant: Fat Shogun!

The polite and friendly server told me that Fat Shogun is owned and managed by the same peeps who own Lawangwangi Creative Space, anyway why polite and friendly? Well the whole time she was being polite, and friendly because she did offer me to tour and restaurant, little gesture like this I appreciate, so as usual before we go on with the food, PLACE TOUR!
Overall, the interior design was this mixture of minimalist and industrial-modern with almost nothing Japanese about it but the gate that you usually find at Japanese temples (Torii), well just because you open a Japanese restaurant that doesn't mean you have to look "Japanese", take Hatchi for another example. They have three dining areas here in Fat Shogun, the main indoor dining area with capacity for two, four and groups, the VIP room for 10 (unfortunately there was no AC yet on my visit and it was seriously fucking humid) and the outdoor area where it's a little more laid back and I could seriously picture private small event held here, it offered you a nice zen like outdoor area with the not to bad view of Mega Kuningan. For details of their pricing and stuff you better contact them personally because I don't own this place so please don't ask me :(.

Anyway literally every week I receive 3-4 random emails from people booking tables through me from certain restaurants that I reviewed here, seriously dude what is happening with you guyssssssssss I can't believe it's THAT hard to differentiate my blog with online reservation websites, I don't know who email me personally if that happens to be the boss' assistant if you're reading this you might want to consider changing the position because they certainly are not qualified enough.

It's just that you receive that LITERALLY every single week, the first year I found it very funny, well still very funny but dumb as well.

Christmas themed deco, loving the candles.
Rustic plant I love!
Mini rustic mistletoe
Here they occupy the live kitchen, I don't know I just always love the live kitchen concept, sometimes watching cooks on duty can be pretty entertaining, something alive about it and something serious, yet fun, yet convincing.
See what I mean? The outdoor area wasn't exactly spacious but you can definitely throw a private party for 20 here? Maybe a corporate event or private birthday?
Photo below taken with iPhone 7, I have been using the cam to take wide shots, results do not disappoint!
The Mega Kuningan view
More love for the little details, rustic plant arrangement that you'll find at every table.
The range of the food in Fat Shogun was still limited, but not like little-little. At the moment, expect to find selections of bar snacks, rolls, appetizer, mains, soup and dessert.

From their 'Bar Snacks' you can find selections of lights bites like Edamame, Ox Tongue Nachos, Beef Heart Skewer to the heavier one like Spider Burger, and as for the appetizers they have Maguro Tataki, Tuetano Parilla (grilled bone marrow), Salmon Cheese Croquettes. For the mains, they highlighted their A4 Japanese Wagyu, Unagi Fideua, and Nagoya Bowl the most! Dessert? We honestly skipped any because we were to full but they have some interesting ones like Tokyo Dream Tiramisu, Winter Citrus Tart, Nashi Pear Crumble and Matcha Creme Brulee.

Not very sure if they'll roll the menu or what, but price range for the food here is about IDR 65k-650k.
Unagi Fideua - IDR 150k
We ordered several mains and I gotta tell you that they cook unagi like a champ as it was among the best ones I've had so far in town. For this particular dish, I honestly had zero complaint! The pasta was cooked perfectly, almost like this undercooked al-dente texture but guess what? I like it. The seasoning was mainly salty with a hint of garlic-savory but it was honestly the unagi that deserve the praises: soft, moist, well-marinated, pure yum!
Nagoya Bowl - IDR 125k
The Nagoya Bowl came with seasoned rice & unagi in a hot stone pot, wasabi, nori, spring onion and Bonito soup (fish stock).
Even though they suggested that the serving's done with the soup, but I honestly liked the dry version better where you mix everything all together and live with it (not to mention the rice was seasoned too), the soup however was seasoned nicely, it was salty but delicious and spot on.
 Loco Maguro - IDR 160k
The Loco Maguro roll consist of mainly salmon and spicy tuna in Aburi style, if this wasn't for that spicy-tangy dressing on top of the roll, the roll won't be anything special. I tried to figure out the special points of this roll but I didn't find any, not sure if it was the element that was so even altogether that nothing really stood out, to my liking, the dressing could be stronger to elevate the overall flavor.
Fatsho Roll - IDR 150k
My problem was pretty much the same as the Loco Maguro above, nothing really stood out or special about this roll, not that it's not delicious, but the flavor was not quite there yet, nothing hit my palate on the spot.
Anyway gotta give it to the beautiful rolls presentation! Appreciate the effort.
A restaurant built with effort on the design, some of the food that I tried could really be better but overall everything was enjoyable to be honest, service was attentive and on point polite without being overly stiff. Good luck in the game Fat Shogun!

Anyway, it's Christmas day today so MERRY JOLLY CHRISTMAS for my celebrating readers! Not gonna go with all the bullshit over the top wishes, I just want to wish you and I the peace on your soul, believe me that's what you'll appreciate better more than the physical things.


Fat Shogun
R fl. Menara BTPN, Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Jalan Dr. Ide Anak Agung Kav. 5.5-5.6
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 2295 8196
Opening hours: 11 AM-Midnight
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none


Map for Fat Shogun

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