The trial of this recipe was executed a while ago but here comes the recipe. I am glad that when I post the teaser on my Instagram, people seem so excited and kind of waiting for it, that's why it's 3 freaking AM, I couldn't sleep and I am writing this post with such spirit!!!

I collaborated with Jansen Karyadi, a very very talented man who loves to cook and a self-taught mixologist! By the way, he also owns Elixcir Gelato and currently expanding his love for cuisine (and conscious for health) by curating his own healthy meals catering called Slimco. I am actually collaborating on this week's healthy issue so do follow my Instagram and Slimco's Instagram for the menu inspiration.

The preparation and production process of this Bailey's Chocolate Lava Cake is very simple and took around 15 minutes for the whole thing! I gotta be honest here, not that we're complimenting on our own creation (well I kinda do), but it's one of the yummiest most delicious chocolate lava cake I've ever had! Suck on that you crappy restaurant's lava cake, sometimes it's so horrible I could blood vomit (not referring to all but I don't name names). Scroll down as you're on your way to make just the most amazing chocolate lava cake!

Basically here are the ingredients that you're going to need:
Note: for three pieces

1. Heat the oven at 200 degree celcius and melt the chocolate. I recommend using premium chocolate, even though more expensive but worth the result ;).
2. While waiting for the chocolate to melt, you can mix the eggs, with the sugar and butter (you can melt the butter first) and stir until the texture's smooth.
3. After the chocolate melt, quickly mix it along with the baking flour to the sugar, butter and egg mixture and followed by Bailey's.
4. You're going to be needing the rameskin as it will be the mixture base and rameskin is heat-proof and made for baking. Apply a little amount of butter to the surface and cover it with a little flour. This to prevent the mix from sticking to the rameskin.
5. Bake your cake for around 12 minutes and your life just turns better!
This baking tutorial is not a rocket science and so damn easy! GOOD LUCK BAKING!!!
Special thanks to Jansen Karyadi for this recipe and for letting me bake and shoot in his house!

If you have any special recipe that you want to share, drop me an email to and let's collaborate!