The Best of SUSHI TEI!

Technically, I don't think this restaurant need anymore introduction. When everyone hear 'SUSHI TEI', I'm sure in their mind's probably saying something like 'that's the best SUSHI restaurant I've ever been in Indonesia or maybe in the world', and fortunately I HAVE TO AGREE.

Sushi Tei's actually a branch and franchise from its original restaurant in Singapore, its first restaurant was opened around 1994 and in Indonesia it's first introduced in 2003 and until 2012 it has personally been the best sushi and japanese restaurant I've ever been. This entry is not for me to review the food because I think you guys have tasted most of them before and therefore I'm going to make a compilation out of it! This is my personal choice of THE BEST MENUS OF SUSHI TEI.

The food that I'm going to review and mention below is the food that I always order everytime I go to Sushi Tei, but to be frank, these menus are not always this way, there are times when I order other menus, different variant and even more than this, but this is just my personal favorite and what I MOSTLY order. They have this sense of attraction that never bore me and always make me crave and crave for more dining experience. Wondering what they are? Here are my top choices!

Photos are all taken by me and they're taken during my last visit at Central Park store, last Friday.

Oh My Gosh, this is probably the best seaweed I've ever tasted because you can feel how fresh and natural tasting it is, the only problem that I'm having is the portion. I wish it's actually larger because we barely can't stand not craving for more.

CUKAIDAKO (Baby Octopus)
Don't judge its look from its cover, I once asked my mom to have a bite of this dish but my mom tend to look at the appearance (she said it looks creepy), but I force her to have a bite and she finally agree! In the end it's her that crave for another portion. They're so GOOD!

I love how everytime I eat this, I can feel how yummy the meat is, the broth from the meat and how perfectly cooked the skin is.

Another choice of appetizer you can have is CAWANMUSHI (egg custard in a glass/bowl), but for me it's personally a little to heavy for appetizer, I can get a little full.

Whoopsssss this has always been my personal favorite ever since my first visit to Sushi Tei back when I was in high school (6 years ago). I have always loved anything with salmon (rare of perfectly cooked) so I gave it a try and 6 years later, still is my champion menu and on for years to come.

This is obviously a must try whenever you visit SUSHI TEI. This is obviously the recommended menu, I love the eel, the tempura and actually...everything.

Other preferable options:
- Kani Mayo Roll

Nothing for me can beat the classic Ice Ocha. Not because they're free but they neutralize everything, so that you won't feel like having too much and get your sense of full rested for a while :)

Another favorite choice of mine is this STRAWBERRY SPARKLING MOJITO

I was lucky enough to get the promo, I didn't notice any promotion happening that time and still ON! For every purchase of IDR 250.000, you will get a free complimentary of KANI MAKI. This is also good!
Thank you SUSHI TEI for always giving me a great dining experience.

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  44. Wow, I just had the best time at SUSHI TEI! 🍣 It's like a flavor explosion in every bite! From their fresh sashimi to their crunchy tempura, every dish is a winner. Plus, the ambiance is so cozy and inviting. Can't wait to go back again! If you're a sushi lover like me, you gotta check it out. And hey, if you wanna plan a sushi night with your friends, I found this cool website with great deals: Happy eating!

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