Before I start this mini-article I want to thank Hadi from Manual Jakarta for inviting me to The Morning After brunch earlier today at Common Grounds Neo Soho.

The Morning After is the collaboration between Common Grounds, BEAU and MALT Studio where occasionally, they'll provide unique breakfast experience at random destinations throughout the city of Jakarta, so if you participate in this brunch like I did earlier today, expect to always indulge on great BEAU feasts, top notch Common Grounds Coffee, while MALT Studio's in charged for all the design stuff, as detailed as the yellow paper where the toasts and coffee stood on.
On this session, the brunch adapted this canteen style service where the guests would have to carry the prepared trays and queue to get the coffee and toasts, and upon getting my coffee I understood the purpose of the design on that yellow paper, there are three smaller squares on top for three small coffees (filter coffee, milk coffee, batch brew) and two bigger squares for the toasts (one savoury, one sweet) and BOY I AM DIGGIN THIS IDEA! Special thanks to Talita and Glo for actually giving me everything to try (aka four toasts) instead of two.

Now my favorite from the coffee has got to be the milk coffee, simply I am not a big black coffee drinker, but I did try everything tho and no doubt, good coffee as always! Kudos to Aston and the team yays!

Toasts from left to right: Truffle, Chorizo, Banana Tiramisu, Poached Pear
From the toasts, tough call because I genuinely love everything, but good old Mushroom with generous truffle dressing and runny poached egg never failed me, and from the sweeter side, the Poached Pear with Chantilly cream was DA BOMB but I was in love with the chocolate toast on the Banana Tiramisu! Dear Talita your baking talent is seriously hideously awesome!!!
Looking forward for the upcoming brunch, I seriously wouldn't mind paying for the ticket.


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